Is L3 autonomous driving a chicken? People familiar with the matter say Audi strengthens L4 R & D efforts

In response to the media report on March 16 that “Audi cancels the L3 level autonomous driving project and transfers hundreds of employees of the team to the development of L2 and L4 level autonomous driving technology”, a person close to the project analyzed the future car daily, “From Judging from the recent autonomous driving demonstration in Audi China, Audi has indeed strengthened its research and development of L4 autonomous driving. "

Audi announced in 2017 that it would implement L3 autonomous driving in the new-generation A8 model, but the related functions are not really available to consumers.

A head of autonomous driving of a new car company analyzed to Future Car Daily that "Audi may be reluctant to wait any longer", they may think that L3 level autonomous driving technology cannot pass regulations within a short period of time, or the public is unwilling to assume L3 level autonomous Liability for accidents caused by driving situations.

L3 level autonomous driving technology refers to "automation under limited conditions", that is, the driver can completely transfer driving rights to the autonomous vehicle most of the time, but needs to be able to take over the vehicle when necessary (at any time). "The L3 function itself is relatively inadequate. People cannot leave the sight of car control, nor can they divert their attention." Autonomous driving industry people told Future Car Daily.

Beginning last year, car companies and leading car suppliers' interest in L3 autonomous driving has begun to decrease. In January 2019, Ford gave up L3 and switched to L4 autonomous driving on the grounds that it "does not know how to manage the transfer of control of the L3 autonomous driving system responsibly". Bosch also said that its L2 autopilot products have been installed in more than 40 models, but the progress of the L3 has clearly deviated from expectations.

A self-driving project leader of an independent brand in China told Future Car Daily that “the so-called mass production of L3-level autonomous driving is more proof of technical capabilities.” Another expert in the field of autonomous driving also told Future Auto Daily, "L3 is mainly made by Tesla now, but the recognition in the industry is not high. L3 has not really appeared in the market, including Changan Automobile's L3 is only a demo version, definitely not a production version."

As the Volkswagen Group advances its wholly-owned holding plan for the Audi brand, the synergy of Volkswagen Group's autonomous driving research and development will also become more prominent. At the end of last month, Volkswagen Group announced that Audi's new CEO Marcus Dusman will take over the research and development of the Group, and that the Audi brand headquarters will become the core of the organizational structure of the "Car.Software" division of Volkswagen Group. The Audi brand may focus more on the commercialization of L2, complementing Volkswagen's autonomous driving subsidiaries that focus on L4.