Is the Android replacement coming? Google Fuchsia OS system has been certified by Bluetooth

You may all know that the Android system belongs to Google, but in fact this system is based on Linux, and because of the use of Java, Oracle has never given up its lawsuit against Google.

So Google is also trying to build a system entirely of its own. Recently, Google’s brand-new system Fuchsia OS was exposed. It can be seen from the revelation that the system has abandoned the Linux system kernel and is based on the Zircon microcore. Fuchsia OS is written in Dart language and Flutter engine.

In addition, the Fuchsia OS system has passed the Bluetooth 5.0 certification. It is worth mentioning that “Sapphire” is the code name of the Fuchsia Bluetooth stack. Industry insiders said that Google has already started to test Fuchsia.

As for when will Google’s new system be officially launched, which devices can receive and send Fuchsia OS, and what are its advantages over the current mature and stable Android system? There are still many places worthy of scrutiny, and we can only look forward to its debut this morning.