It has all the functions you want: BMW App is officially launched

Recently, BMW officially launched a brand new application-My BMW App. The App mainly includes three functions of "car selection, service, and social interaction", which can be downloaded and used by BMW owners or daily fans. For Chinese users, My BMW App has added three new sections: community, membership and e-commerce, and based on the needs of Chinese users, there are more than 60 Chinese-specific small functions.

In terms of car selection, on the My BMW App, users can learn about BMW’s current models online through the “New Car Mall” e-commerce platform. With the support of dealers, users can also make online test drive appointments and place a deposit to book models. After the payment is completed, a new car order will be generated, and the progress of the order can be checked at any time, and the car can be picked up without leaving the house.

In terms of services, My BMW App provides tips for dealers, charging stations, gas stations, parking lots and other outlets according to the needs of different groups of people. It integrates the charging services of multiple charging pile operators such as State Grid, Special Call, Star Charging, etc. The car owner can complete the entire process of finding electric piles + charging + payment through the App. Just click on the charging station in the list to check the business hours, charging price, charging type and other information, and send the destination to your car with one click.

In addition, users can also make online reservations for maintenance and car pickup and delivery on the My BMW App. In case of emergency, there are road and accident rescue services.

In terms of social interaction, My BMW App will update BMW brand-related information from time to time. At the same time, it also encourages car owners and fans to use it as a social platform to share interesting things in life, exchange experiences, publish original ideas, and earn Joy coins while expressing themselves. , Exchange benefits.

In addition to the functions mentioned above, My BMW App can also remotely control the vehicle, realize remote opening and closing of the door, remote temperature adjustment and other functions. The App can also view real-time vehicle information such as remaining fuel, cruising range, and charging status.

Secretary comment:

It is becoming more and more common for auto brands to launch their own online applications. The My BMW App launched by BMW this time not only shows digitalization, but also increases the connection and interaction between car owners, fans and brands. Offline to online, sales to services are the current development trend of the automotive industry. I believe that more brands will continue to optimize their online service functions and improve user experience.