It is a good choice to switch to a new phone OPPO A93 during the New Year

Time has come to the twenty-second of the twelfth lunar month of the lunar calendar, and the Spring Festival is approaching. In our minds, there is always a saying that we will welcome the spring with a new look. And there must be many friends who are planning to change to a new mobile phone for themselves or their family members. Compared with the flagship phone that costs 4,000 to 5,000 yuan (USD $714) , do we have any more cost-effective options? And at the more affordable price of 2,000 yuan (USD $286) , is there any mobile phone that can meet our daily needs? Skills meet our daily needs, and also have a relatively reasonable price. Let’s take a look at the first new product A93 of the OPPO A series in 2021.

In terms of screen, OPPO A93 is equipped with a 6.5-inch LCD screen, and adopts a single-hole design in the upper left corner, with a narrow bezel design, the screen ratio reaches 90.5%. Allow users to have a better visual experience.

And the OPPO A93 screen supports 90Hz high

Refresh rate, 180Hz touch sampling rate, covering 100% DCI-P3 ultra-wide color gamut. In terms of display effect, the screen fonts are clear and delicate, and the colors are rich and realistic, which can easily meet the needs of daily use; and the high refresh rate and high sampling rate can also allow users to have a further experience, brushing web pages more smoothly, and playing games more follow-up .

In the design of the back of the fuselage, a vertically arranged camera module is used, with three colors of Aurora, Elegant Silver, and Hyun Black. The aurora color adopts a new liquid crystal coating process, and the color changes with the light; the dazzling black is not pure black, it is more translucent, low-key and more dynamic; the elegant silver color uses a matte design, and the feel is a bit like a matte process.

In terms of body weight and thickness, the OPPO A93 weighs 188g and the body thickness is about 8.40mm. After adding a 5000mAh battery, it can be seen that this phone is still controlling the weight and thickness, seeking to provide users with a thin and light feel. With the curved design on the back of the fuselage, the holding experience is more comfortable.

In addition to the appearance, we want to see what kind of performance this OPPO A93 has. There is no doubt that the popularization of 5G will further accelerate the pace in 2021, and 5G has also begun to be applied on a large scale. OPPO A93 is also a smartphone that supports 5G.

OPPO A93 uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 5G chip, an 8nm process, an eight-core design, an Adreno 619 GPU, and an integrated 5G baseband.

OPPO A93 equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 5G chip can perfectly support the current two modes of 5G network, effectively support the current domestic SA/NSA two 5G modes, and cover the mainstream 5G frequency band.

OPPO A93 has a luxurious configuration of 8GB+256GB, which can well meet the needs of most users. It can store more photos and movies. Even if you take 60 photos a day, it will be enough for 3 years.

In terms of performance, playing some popular games is not a problem. For example, the recently updated version of “Honor of Kings” has further improved its picture quality. We also selected this popular game for testing.

It can be seen that the OPPO A93 can still run smoothly at 60 frames when the special effects are fully turned on. So in daily use, OPPO A93 still has no pressure to face these popular games.

In addition to games, more and more friends may choose to shoot content to create short videos. OPPO A93 can also meet this demand.

The rear OPPO A93 is a 48 million pixel main camera + 2 million pixel macro + 2 million pixel black and white portrait three-shot combination, which supports ultra-clear night scenes, portrait modes, time-lapse photography, etc. The front camera is 8 million pixels and supports AI beauty.

And we can also look at the shooting effect of OPPO A93 through the proofs.

We can see that OPPO A93 is at a good level in terms of picture restoration, which can well meet the shooting of most daily scenes.

OPPO A93 also has a large battery of up to 5000mAh, which can support long-term use. In the endurance test, one hour of 1080P video online consumes 8%, 30 minutes of Weibo consumes 3%, and 30 minutes of Douyin consumes 4%. , 30 minutes of “Honor of the King” consumes 6% of power, 30 minutes of “Peace Elite” consumes 7% of power, and the final remaining power is 72%. It can be seen that in simulating daily use, the battery life of OPPO A93 is at a good level.

In terms of charging, it is equipped with 18W fast charging, which can better meet the charging needs of most daily scenarios.

In addition, OPPO A93 is equipped with the latest ColorOS 11.1 system, which has a comprehensive improvement compared to ColorOS 7. The interface of ColorOS11.1 is simple and fresh, with excellent system animation effects and 90Hz screen, the visual experience is silky and natural. Because of the large memory and relatively good performance blessing, the system fluency can be guaranteed when multiple applications are opened, and the switching is free.

ColorOS 11.1 also comes with many convenient and practical functions. It supports floating window mode, which can bring more efficient multi-tasking capabilities. You can chat while watching videos; it also supports screen sharing, flash window, Breeno screen recognition and other functions. Create a more comfortable experience for users in various details.

In other respects, OPPO A93 uses an integrated fingerprint and power button design. In daily use, users only need to touch the power button to complete the unlocking. In addition, OPPO A93 also supports 2D face unlocking, giving users one more option for unlocking.

In addition, OPPO A93 also has a 3.5mm headphone jack, which is convenient for users to use headphones for a series of operations such as listening to songs while charging, which is convenient for users’ daily use.

After reading so much, is OPPO A93 a suitable dish for you? At this stage, the price of only 1999 can bring home this mobile phone equipped with a high-performance Snapdragon octa-core 5G chip, and it has an 8GB+256GB configuration. Before the Spring Festival, OPPO officials also gave further discounts. Buying OPPO A93 can enjoy 6 interest-free installments and a series of gifts, so interested friends may wish to buy it before the Spring Festival.