It is reported that Apple is preparing iPhone SE3: A14 processor is expected

It was previously reported that after Apple launches the iPhone 13 mini, related models will be completely abandoned in the follow-up, but the small screen party does not have to be too uncomfortable, after all, there is the iPhone SE series.

According to industry chain news, Apple is preparing for the new iPhone SE3. As for when it will be launched, it depends on the specific situation.

According to the news, iPhone SE3 may use A14 processor, and the configuration is improved a lot compared with before, which is more in line with the positioning of the small steel gun.

Prior to this, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in a note to investors that Apple plans to launch a new version of iPhone SE in the first half of 2022. As he said before, the design of the new iPhone SE will be "roughly the same" as the existing SE, which is based on the iPhone 8.

Guo Mingchi said that the new 2022 iPhone SE will support 5G and will include processor updates. The device will be positioned as the "cheapest 5G iPhone". The most affordable 5G iPhone now is the iPhone 12 mini, so it is speculated that the iPhone SE will be lower than the device's $699 price point.

There are rumors that the "iPhone SE Plus" has a larger display and Touch ID power button. Guo has mentioned it in the past, but this larger iPhone SE is not mentioned in this description, and we have had it for some time. No new details about it have been heard, so it is not clear whether this product has been discontinued, or something that will appear in the future.

Guo Mingchi also said before that Apple is developing a new version of iPhone 11, equipped with a 6-inch LCD, supporting Face ID and 5G, it is said that this future device will be launched in 2023, which may also refer to the SE series.