It is reported that Apple will use GaN technology chargers: iPhone/iPad charge faster

For Apple, it is not realistic to use a larger capacity battery on the iPhone or iPad, but it is a good way to make the battery charge faster, and they are about to join the GaN technology charger team. in.

According to DigiTimes reports, Navitas Semiconductor will receive orders for GaN (gallium nitride) chargers from Apple this year, and TSMC will supply GaN chips for Navitas.

The report mentioned that Apple plans to launch a GaN-based USB-C power adapter. Due to the use of gallium nitride technology, the charger will become smaller and lighter. In the past few years, many manufacturers have introduced GaN chargers, such as Belkin and Anker.

Industry insiders said that starting from the iPhone 12, Apple no longer comes with first-class accessories, which also opened the door to added value for its own accessories, and the situation of rising volume and price will come.

Although Apple no longer includes power adapters in the boxes when selling iPhone and Apple Watch models, it continues to sell various power adapters independently, including 5W and 12W USB-A options, as well as 20W, 30W, 61W and 96W USB-C option.