It is revealed that K30S is the finale of the Redmi K30 series and may be released next month

Recently, many news broke the news that new members of the Redmi K30 series are coming. If the news is true, then the update cycle of the Redmi K30 series can be said to extend from the fourth quarter of last year to the fourth quarter of this year, with a very long life cycle. However, on October 14th, a digital blogger who frequently broke the news of new machines and broke the news of a relatively accurate digital blogger @数码闲聊站 posted on Weibo that the upcoming K30S will be the final work of the Redmi K30 series.

曝K30S是Redmi K30系列的收官之作
Exposure that K30S is the finale of the Redmi K30 series

Redmi K30S? According to the naming, we can know that the positioning of this phone will be lower than that of the K30 Pro. The digital blogger broke the news that Redmi K30S will be released after the end of the month, which means that the machine may be unveiled next month. Unfortunately, there is not much news about this phone on the Internet recently. However, the blogger previously said that the Mi 10T series of the Chinese Mainland License is a new member of the Redmi K30 series, and may be about to debut in the Redmi K30S.

曝K30S是Redmi K30系列的收官之作 可能在下月发布

Xiaomi 10T series

The Mi 10T series was released overseas at the end of September, including two new models, Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro, so we can also know the configuration and price information of the new series. The Mi 10T series is equipped with a 144Hz high refresh rate screen, equipped with the flagship mobile platform Snapdragon 865, supplemented by LPDDR5 memory and UFS3.1 flash memory, has a large 5000mAh battery, and supports 33W fast charging. In terms of price, Mi 10T will start at 499 Euros (equivalent to RMB 4,000) overseas, and Mi 10T Pro will start at 599 Euros (equivalent to RMB 4,700) overseas. The domestic price may be cheaper.