It is rumored that Tesla will push the $25,000 model to set up an engineering research and development center is not easy

Tesla can be said to be the current leader in the new energy vehicle industry. Chinese consumers have a very high acceptance of new energy vehicles, and the Chinese market has naturally become one of Tesla’s key markets. Recently, Tesla has set up an engineering research and development center in China and is recruiting engineers and designers on a large scale.

网传特斯拉Model 2渲染图

Online rendering of Tesla Model 2

Some people speculate that Tesla’s move is to expand the Chinese market. It may launch a new smaller and lower-priced model for the Chinese market. It may be called Model 2, priced at about $25,000 (about 16.19 Ten thousand yuan). Some analysts believe that Tesla’s success in the Chinese market is a key factor in the promotion of low-cost car projects. Moreover, judging from the current situation in China, the market prospects for small cars are very broad.


Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory Environmental Assessment Public Notice

Previously, the ecological assessment report of Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory showed that Tesla will produce a third model in China. Musk previously revealed on social networks that he would not lower the price of Model 3 to $25,000, and would prefer to launch a car smaller than Model 3 in the future.

At present, only Model 3 and Model Y, which were officially launched on New Year’s Day, are the only electric vehicles produced by Tesla in China. The prices of these two locally-made Tesla models are not high, so they are welcomed by Chinese consumers.