Italian media: Oclean X Pro flagship is the silent king of smart electric toothbrushes

How many people give up using electric toothbrushes because they can’t stand the noise of electric toothbrushes and electric drills? The loud roar will not only make you feel irritable when you use them, but also disturb your family members at rest or at work.

GiosephTheGamer, a well-known Italian technology blogger with 717,000 fans, often needs to record videos at home and needs an absolutely quiet environment, but he is often disturbed by the sound of his family members using electric toothbrushes, making him extremely helpless. After the family replaced the Oclean X Pro flagship version, his troubles were solved perfectly. Therefore, he was very excited to share with the fans the super quiet ability of the Oclean X Pro flagship, and compared it with other products in his family.

GiosephTheGamer took out three brands of Oral-B, Philips and Oclean to compare the running sound, and used a decibel meter to measure the decibel value of each product. The data shows that Philips’ toothbrush reaches 75dB; Oral-B is relatively better, but it is also around 65dB; Oclean X Pro flagship version is indeed the quietest smart electric toothbrush, only about 45 dB. You know, 45 dB of noise is almost inaudible from one meter away, which is very suitable for consumers who pursue a quiet and comfortable life.

Oclean’s impressive achievements in noise control are mainly due to their exclusive patent-ultrasonic active noise reduction and mute technology. The main principle is to use a unique core algorithm to adjust the unnecessary noise to more than 20000Hz through the motor drive, which is beyond the range of human ears.

Such excellent ultra-quiet strength makes Oclean the world’s first smart electric toothbrush brand certified by the British Quiet Mark. Quiet Mark certification is the authoritative certification in the field of noise. The world’s leading product manufacturers such as Bosch and Dyson have all obtained this certification. The blogger GiosephTheGamer also displayed the Quiet Mark logo in his video.

The technical strength of this Chinese brand Oclean has been recognized by countless consumers and professional institutions, and the most advanced ultra-quiet capability has been the consensus of the industry. It is worth mentioning that such a flagship version of Oclean X Pro, which integrates high-tech silent capabilities and super intelligent functions, has a very high cost performance, and the price is only about 20% of the aforementioned Oral-B or Philips products. . If you want to choose a quiet smart electric toothbrush at the lowest price, then Oclean X Pro Ultimate must be the best choice.