It’s crazy, Mate40 sold out in less than 30 seconds

Huawei officially released the Mate40 series of smartphones at the press conference on the evening of October 22, and at 0:00, and other platforms also opened the pre-sale mode. Surprisingly, in just 28 seconds, The pre-sale quota of Mate40 was sold out, and it can be called one of the most popular flagship phones this year.

According to the data provided by, a total of 4.07 million people watched Huawei's press conference on that night, which was quite popular. However, more netizens are unable to grab the goods on Tucao. In this regard, Jingdong also stated that the pre-sale of the Mate40 series will be opened at 10:08 every morning, and there will be a chance to get it before the official sale on October 30 To the first batch of pre-sale qualifications.

The domestic pricing of the Mate40 series has not yet been exposed, but from the pricing of the European version, it may be more expensive compared to last year's Mate30 series, because this year's three Mate40 all use curved screen design, but the Mate40 Pro and Pro+ versions use It is an 88° super-curved ring screen, which is better than Mate40.

For the average user, Mate40 is already sufficient, and users who are looking for a better user experience can consider Mate40 Pro, and those who have high requirements for taking pictures can choose Mate40 Pro+. The main features of these two models are The difference lies in the camera module, and there is basically no difference in other aspects.