It’s not a big problem! Volvo has voluntarily recalled 400000 vehicles for a rare safety belt problem

According to Swedish local media on July 1, Volvo car company has recalled 2.1 million vehicles worldwide, involving the Volvo S60, s60l, s60cc, V60, v60cc, XC60, V70, xc70, S80 and S80L produced from 2006 to 2019, which is the largest ever recall event of Volvo. It is reported that the recall will affect the normal use of more than 400000 car owners in Sweden.

The reason for the recall is that there are defects in the car safety belt. These safety belts are fixed to the car by steel wires and, according to Stefan, are likely to wear under special conditions. &”This is a very rare problem. Several interacting factors are required to cause seat belt wear. &”But we chose to take the initiative to recall all cars with this accessory,” Stefan said. &He stressed that there were no accidents or injuries reported about the decision, but Volvo cars saw it as a preventive measure to avoid future problems.