It’s really hard to buy a tablet computer these days. Can I buy a 700 yuan (USD $100) one?

Recently, a friend asked me if I would like to buy a tablet computer for entertainment. Would you recommend it.

Now there are not many people who have a computer at home. Besides mobile phones, I believe more people will choose a tablet computer instead of a laptop or desktop computer.

The reason is very simple, the work has been completed in the company. After work, I’ll take a good look at iqiyi. It’s too expensive to buy a usable computer, and it’s not portable.

Isn’t it nice to buy an iPad? They can love the wonderful arts and be productive.

But although the iPad is good, its price is still a little expensive.

The ipad Mini 5 with A12 chip costs 2899 yuan (USD $414) , and the iPad air 3 costs 3769 yuan (USD $538) , not to mention the iPad pro.

The iPad 2019 looks like a little cheaper, 2399 yuan (USD $343) , but the A10 performance, emmm or forget it, the service life is worrying.

Generally speaking, the price of iPad is still high. What about Android Tablet?

Although the ecology of Android Tablet is poor, it should be OK to watch iqiyi.

Since Xiaomi stopped updating its tablet products, Android Tablet has become the world of Huawei and Honor.

Last year’s Huawei tablet M6 was a milestone. Recently, the newly released matepad 10.8 upgraded Kirin 990 chip. The price is cheaper than the M6, and the price is good. The starting price is 2299 yuan (USD $328) .

It’s the first time I’ve seen this kind of back stabbing behavior.

If you think the price of more than 2000 is still too expensive, the price of more than 1000 will be the Huawei Honor series board equipped with Kirin 710. The performance is too poor and it is not recommended to buy it.

For those with lower prices, such as those with hundreds of yuan, I saw several Zhai boards from Kubi Rubik’s cube and Taipower on the e-commerce platform, all less than 700 yuan (USD $100) .

It has a 10.1-inch large screen, 4GB + 64GB capacity, and Android 10 system. It also supports 4G Internet access. It looks good.

But click into the details page to see, is the purple light exhibition sharp Huben eight core processor.

Check the specific model is purple light zhanrui sc9863a, performance equivalent to the snapdragon 439. It’s the same as Nokia’s first generation Nokia 6 released in 2017.

Sure enough, electronic products are worth every cent.

Just when I was ready to recommend the iPad air to my friends, and I couldn’t buy Huawei mate pad 10.8, I saw this thing on Jingdong.

This rendering is very attractive at a glance, with 100% of the screen.

14 inch Samsung high-definition screen, and 2.5k resolution, as long as 1400 less than. I want to see what this is.

Looking down, I found that this thing was processed by the MediaTek Helio x30. It was really the flagship processor, but it was the flagship three years ago.

Ten core design, two A73, four A53 and four A35.

When I see the ten cores, I think of a picture. If you see the ten cores of the United Nations Development and development department, you can make a detour.

Smart audio, AI smart camera, this is very consistent with the theme of Huawei and Honor.

The screen is a 14 inch 12D high definition screen.

To be reasonable, we often see what 4D 5D, even 9D, 10d and so on when we buy steel film. These are marketing words that are made up blindly. Just ignore them.

Polymer explosion-proof battery, I don’t know why I see these words in my heart. Later, it was found that the battery capacity reached 15000 MAH, which was really great. It should be the largest flat panel of the battery.

I found some pictures from the evaluation. The appearance of this tablet is like this.

In fact, it is a very common board. The system is close to the original Android, so the user experience will not be much better.

Although it’s OEM OEM, I think it’s not as good as the products of Taipower and Kubi Rubik’s cube. People are at least time tested brand manufacturers. Maybe the store will disappear next month after it is bought back.

In fact, it is not only tablet computers, but also smart phones in the market.

This kind of thing is often exaggerated in the propaganda copy, with a bunch of strange words to describe, the picture is always the suture strange of other mainstream brands, P is quite good-looking.

To be reasonable, is the redmi 9A of 599 not fragrant?