JD.com starts pre-sale for HP and X Ryzen version from 4699 yuan (USD $671)

HP’s flagship product and X series have always been known for their strong office capabilities. They are designed for high-end business people. Now, HP and X Ryzen version of high-performance lightweight business notebooks have begun pre-sales, and currently 13-15 Inch to choose from, the new products still continue the high-quality genes of the X series products, with outstanding appearance and powerful performance, which perfectly combines business versatility with the needs of enterprises and individuals.

The HP and X AMD version continues the high-end business genes. The AC surface of the computer adopts a metal body, which is as light as 1.26kg. It uses CNC diamond cutting, one-piece molding process, thin and light design, and has passed 19 military standards stringent testing and certification. It is suitable for mobile office workers anytime and anywhere.

Its processor supports the new Ryzen PRO R5 4650U and R7 4750U, with up to 8 cores and 16 threads, a maximum frequency of 4.1GHz, and an advanced STT2.0 heat dissipation design, which can extend high-performance acceleration time and enhance multi-threaded computing power. For designers and office workers, the powerful performance of this product can bring half the effort to work.

In terms of screen, the HP and X AMD version uses 100% sRGB high color gamut, 85% high screen ratio and narrow frame design. It looks like a screen at a glance, bringing an extraordinary sense of immersion, whether it is office, design, or audiovisual entertainment. Brings a great experience, and its screen brightness is as high as 400 nits, and the screen content can be clearly visible under office lighting or outdoor light. With its anti-glare screen, it can greatly reduce strong reflection and glare.

As for the keyboard, the HP and X AMD version adopts a full-size adjustable backlight design and a splash-proof design, which can effectively prevent liquids from invading the body and causing damage to internal components. And this product keyboard also uses ultra-quiet design, 1.5mm long keystroke, provides constant feedback force, the experience is more comfortable; the new programmable keys can make the control easier. Programmable keys allow easy customization using supporting applications. Programming keys can be set through the HP Programmable Key APP, which can be set to open files, websites, software, etc.

In terms of power consumption, the HP and X AMD version of the 13-inch machine is equipped with an ultra-low power 1W screen and a high-density long-life battery. It can support up to 24 hours of battery life, and with its fast charging function, it can take 30 minutes. With a 50% charge, the battery life of this product is perfect for mobile office workers.

In terms of security, this product also strives for excellence for users. It not only has multiple biometric authentication, AMD memory encryption, but also enterprise-level software and hardware security, fingerprint + infrared facial scan login method, and physical anti-peep paddle The camera allows users to use it with more peace of mind and no longer worry about their privacy leakage.

In terms of scalability, the HP and X AMD version is also well-thought-out for users, with full business interfaces to ensure rich scalability; dual memory slots can support up to 32GB dual channels; HDMI2.0 and dual full-featured Type-C interfaces ; Dual USB3.0 interface (one of which can support shutdown and charging). Rich scalability allows users to meet the office needs of multi-screen linkage.

In terms of entertainment, this product can also fully meet people’s needs. The sound effects have been adjusted by high-end B&O, allowing people to enjoy high-end audio-visual experience during their leisure time in office. In addition, 3 microphones 360-degree sound pickup and noise reduction (for many noisy environments, this noise reduction technology can automatically filter the surrounding noise to highlight the main sound) and the combination of a wide-angle high-definition camera can meet the needs of business elites in high-definition video conferences, so that both sound and video Perfectly presented to the meeting.

Now, this product has been pre-sale, the price of Jingdong starts at 4699 yuan (USD $671) , and now you can enjoy the 12th period of Jingdong Baitiao interest-free when you purchase the machine, and you will receive a wireless Bluetooth headset (black and white random) as a free comment. The appointment will start on August 21 and August 31 The first release of Nissin, interested friends should not miss it.

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