JMGO 5G mobile phone configuration announced: Snapdragon 865 + 100 million pixel main camera

Today, there are still 7 days before the JMGO 2020 conference. The official Weibo has warmed up the upcoming new machine.

The warm-up poster mentioned: "108 million pixel camera, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chip, 16+512GB large memory, SA+NSA dual-mode 5G…stack them together, and we get a flagship phone. and then?"

If nothing else, the upcoming JMGO 5G mobile phone will not only carry the functions mentioned in the poster, but also bring surprises in other aspects. And it’s worth noting that the examples cited in the poster are all hardware, which seems to imply that the new JMGO is not just a stack of hardware, but also the software experience.

Combined with the information previously exposed, the new JMGO will be equipped with a 55W (11V/5A Max) fast charging head as standard, or will provide a white frame version, and the four sides are close to the same width.

It is reported that Nuts will hold the 2020 new product launch conference at 19:30 on October 20 in Wukesong·M Space, officially unveiling the mystery of its first 5G mobile phone. Currently, the JMGO new machine has opened reservations on major e-commerce platforms, and on-site ticket gifting activities are also in progress.