Join hands with Liu Haoran, vivo S6 takes you to experience 5G network

Some time ago, vivo officially announced a poster for a new spokesperson. Although the picture has been blurred as a whole, many careful netizens have guessed the characters in the poster based on the outline and shape. Today, vivo has officially announced that Liu Haoran, the spokesperson for its new 5G handsets, is now fully revealed.

As a new generation of young actors, Liu Haoran officially debuted in 2014 with the starring movie "Beijing Love Story" and has since been accepted by the Central Academy of Drama with the first place in both professional and cultural fields. Since then, Liu Haoran has continued to star or participate in well-known film and television dramas such as "Chinatown Undercover Agents" and "Army of the Army".

With young urban groups as the main target, the previous generations of the vivo S series have paid great attention to selfies and appearances, and have won a lot of consumers' love with their fashionable and youthful elements. Letting Liu Haoran act as the spokesperson this time can foretell that the vivo S6 will continue to work for the younger groups, and it also reflects that the series will continue the youthful vitality and vibrant brand tone.

According to previous reports, the vivo S6 will be equipped with a dual-mode 5G chip, which not only has a great guarantee in terms of performance, but also supports SA / NSA dual-mode 5G networks, which can bring users a smooth use and network experience.

In addition, vivo S6 will continue the design language of this series, using a white and purple gradient color matching, the whole body is very round when combined with the 3D curved shell process, which not only meets the vitality of urban youth, but also ensures a comfortable feel.

As a member of the series focusing on taking photos, vivo S6 has also made great efforts in night shooting. As we all know, the selfie has always been one of the characteristics of the vivo S series, and the improvement in the night scene will undoubtedly effectively increase the scope of the aircraft.

While combining the above characteristics, the price of the aircraft is likely to continue to be around 2,000 to 3,000 yuan (USD $429) . For those who want to experience 5G networks but have insufficient budgets, this price can be described as attractive.

The vivo S6 will be released on March 31. If you want to experience the 5G network and have certain requirements for taking pictures, don't miss it.