Keep Note series: Samsung Galaxy Note 21 is expected to be equipped with under-screen camera

Recently, news about Samsung’s plan to cut the Note series next year has been raging. News has pointed out that the Note series will be replaced by the Samsung Galaxy Fold series. However, as the old machine king, Samsung does not seem to want to give up the Note series easily.

Recently, according to foreign media broke the news, the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 engineering machine is testing new screen display technologies, namely punching and UDC (Under Display Camera). This machine is expected to become Samsung’s first under-screen camera. Technical equipment, but due to production, cost and quality issues, it will be difficult to adopt UDC technology next year.

It is reported that Samsung first released the Galaxy Note series in 2011, focusing on the high-end flagship market. In the 3.5-inch mobile phone market that year, the appearance of the Note series was favored by many government and enterprise users.

In the following years, Samsung gave the Note series the most luxurious configuration and attention, and established the image of the Note series high-end brand.

Regrettably, the Samsung Note 7 caused the battery to heat up due to design reasons, and the mobile phone spontaneously ignited. Since then, consumers’ attitudes towards the Note series have changed. It is understood that the Note 7 was equipped with a high-performance Snapdragon 820 With the latest iris recognition technology and 2K resolution screen.

This year, Samsung released Note 20 Ultra and Note 20. Note 20 Ultra is equipped with the largest 4500mAh of the Note series so far, and supports up to 25W fast charging.

It is worth noting that Samsung’s first Note series was born in 2011, and it will be the tenth anniversary next year. Perhaps Samsung will take this opportunity to launch another commemorative Note 21 series.