“King of cross-country” revived! GM may unveil Hummer electric vehicle project

As the former “king of cross-country”, Hummer brand has captured a large number of consumers by virtue of its strong cross-country quality, V8 exhaust sound and the background of being born in the US military vehicle. But because of the high fuel consumption, small audience and other factors, it is very difficult to see it on the street.

Not long ago, foreign media reported that GM would revive Hummer brand with electrification, and the latest news came.

It is reported that GM intends to release an advertisement during the Super Bowl competition held in the United States on February 2, in which it may announce plans for the Hummer electric vehicle project. Foreign media also think that Hummer electric vehicle project has certain feasibility in the report. So far, however, GM has not responded to the news.

In fact, as early as last June, the news of “Hummer resurrection” came out. GM is promoting a large-scale luxury electric vehicle project named BT1 within the group. The first model in the plan will be a pick-up card with internal code & ldquo; project o & rdquo;. The brand of & ldquo; Hummer & rdquo; may be used. Its first product is expected to be in production by the end of 2021, or will be sold with other general motors through its existing dealer network.

In addition, GM is also building an electric pickup truck owned by GMC and an electric SUV belonging to Cadillac, or it will be officially launched in 2023 together with the internal code & ldquo; project o & rdquo.