Large-bottom camera + 120Hz high refresh screen, iQOO 5 Pro is already the emperor

What are the characteristics of a flagship phone in 2020? A high refresh rate screen and an out-of-bottom camera are essential. A high-refresh rate screen can significantly improve the delicate degree of screen sliding and create a smoother effect, while the out-of-bottom camera allows the phone to take more shocking photos.

The recently released iQOO 5 Pro is equipped with a 120W ultra-fast flash charge, a 120Hz ultra-high refresh rate screen and a 120 dB dynamic range sound quality, which is already a benchmark product among flagship phones.

When the 90Hz refresh rate is still popular in smartphones this year, iQOO 5 Pro is very sincere in bringing out a 120Hz screen. We all know that the 90Hz refresh rate is 30 frames per second more than the traditional 60Hz, which is an increase of 50%. Then 120Hz is 60 frames per second, which is an increase of 100%, which is very strong in the hand.

In addition, the iQOO 5 Pro screen also supports a touch sampling rate of 240Hz. Maybe you are not familiar with the touch sampling rate parameter. It means the screen touch component, the number of times the finger touch position is sampled per second. The higher the number of samples, the smoother your sliding movements on the screen will be. Recorded by the screen, as the saying goes, the screen is more handy.

The iQOO mobile phone has always felt like a hard core, and it is a relatively rough high-performance mobile phone. But iQOO 5 Pro wants to subvert this image and become a true all-round flagship. In terms of imaging, iQOO 5 Pro is equipped with an unprecedented top imaging system of the iQOO brand.

Although there are only three cameras on the back of the fuselage, the main camera is a 50-megapixel large COMS, the sensor size reaches 1/1.3 inches, and the unit pixel size can reach 2.4μm. With the new RAW domain AI noise reduction algorithm and Super Night Scene 4.0 technology, In low-light environments, iQOO 5 Pro will have stronger strength.

The remaining two cameras are 13 million pixel ultra-wide-angle lenses, which can shoot macros, and can also achieve a wide-angle view of 120°, which can give you a panoramic view of the scenery in front of you every second; the other lens is 5 times that of 8 million pixels. The telephoto camera can achieve up to 60x digital zoom, no matter how far it is, it seems to be close at hand.

All in all, iQOO 5 Pro has completely changed the game image of iQOO mobile phone hardcore, and it has begun to become all-powerful. The 120W ultra-fast flash charging makes it the focus of the entire market.

At present, iQOO 5 Pro is pre-sale on major e-commerce platforms, 8GB+256GB 4998 yuan (USD $714) , 12GB+256GB 5498 yuan (USD $785) , interested friends can go to the relevant page for details.