Large mobile charging treasure? Ford's mobile charging system patent exposed

With the continuous popularization of electric vehicles, the existing fixed charging piles have been unable to meet the rapidly growing charging demand.

Recently, according to foreign media reports, the United States Patent Office last week announced a patent application related to electric vehicle applications submitted by Ford in September 2018.

This patent is widely used, revealing a high level of portable and flexible modular charging device that can be adapted to a variety of electric vehicles and charging piles through different technologies to create an effective system.

According to the description, the patent is entitled "Portable Charging System and Charging Method", which can combine multiple chargers together. Users can flexibly optimize the use of chargers according to the needs of vehicle charging. The application principle is similar to our common Mobile power bank.

Sam Abuelsamid, principal analyst at market research firm Navigant Research, said: "When you slowly charge a car with a traditional charging pile, you can connect mobile chargers in series with multiple batteries. Capacity. If you need fast charging, you can connect them in parallel to get higher power. Of course, you can also use a mobile charger to charge several new energy vehicles at the same time.

In addition, this new type of mobile charger can be mounted on a roadside rescue vehicle. Or mounted on wheels and moved around the parking lot. When a car is fully charged, the charger can be transferred to the next car without the driver having to drive the car to the charging point.

Ford's new patent application provides about 12 different charging configurations, some of which can charge electric vehicles on the move, while also serving more drivers. Currently, the patent application is still under review.