Leading mobile phone design again Huawei P40 delivers new aesthetics in the industry

Recently, mobile phones on the market have shown a trend of blossoming flowers, which has brought us a wealth of purchase options. However, there are still many consumers who choose to wait, and the goal is the Huawei P40 series just released. According to the information we have learned about the press conference, the Huawei P40 series has made great progress in imaging. The 1 / 1.28-inch large CMOS brings higher picture latitude. The P40 Pro + telephoto lens has achieved 10x optical zoom. In terms of design, the P40 series also brought us a lot of surprises.

Design evolves again

Since its inception, Huawei P series has been exploring the design. It is not difficult to see from the officially released beautiful pictures that the Huawei P40 series has adopted a new concept. Everyone should be familiar with curved screens. The previous Huawei P30 Pro has been adopted. The Huawei P40 series not only continues the curved screen design, but also makes a breakthrough, bringing the industry's first four-curved full screen. In addition to the two sides, the top and bottom are also slightly curved. Such a mobile phone is placed on the table, as if a glass of water is just right, the edges are full but not overflowing, full of tension.

And this design is not only a visual enjoyment, but also makes the machine look thinner and lighter, but also can bring a comfortable grip. As an item held in your hand for a long time, the outstanding feel is naturally an important part of a good day.

Ceramic, polished by artisans

To some extent, the exploration of beauty is also the pursuit of shell material and technology. The back cover of Huawei P40 Pro + is made of precision ceramics. The nano-scale microcrystalline zirconium powder is calcined in flames for 5 days and 5 nights, plus fine grinding and polishing, showing the gentleness and toughness of jade. In addition, the Mohs hardness of this material reaches 8.5, which is higher than most materials that can be exposed to dust and daily life, which can effectively get rid of scratches and improve the durability of mobile phones.

Most ceramic models on the market are relatively heavy, but Huawei P40 Pro + uses extreme technology to control the weight to a lighter and thinner level than glass. This not only brings better feel, but also leaves more room for the internal design of the mobile phone. While ensuring lightness and feel, it can also accommodate heavy-duty modules such as larger batteries, ultra-telephoto lenses, and stereo cooling.

Color comes from nature and returns to purity

In addition to shapes and materials, color is also an important part of mobile phone design. Looking at the previously released models, the Huawei P series has always had a unique understanding of color. The aurora gradient color of the P20 series brings an uncertain natural beauty; afterwards, the sky realm and red tea orange of the Huawei P30 series have set off waves of color matching. For a long time, the aesthetic colors of the Huawei P series have played an important leading role in the design trend of the entire industry. Past success has also sparked discussions about the new machine.

Sure enough, the Huawei P40 series lives up to expectations. According to the press conference information, Huawei P40 series offers a variety of colors such as zero white, deep sea blue, morning light gold, and frost silver. First of all, it provides a variety of choices in quantity.

The beautiful color mix usually comes from nature, and Huawei P series also knows it. The Huawei P40 series uses water as the inspiration for its design, drawing on the vivid colors that it interweaves with light and shadow in different forms. For example, zero white is derived from the frozen Nordic glacier under the sun; the color of the sandy beach under the effect of light is the morning sun gold. Earlier, Pantone announced the popular color of 2020-classic blue, and Huawei P40 series also has its own interpretation of blue. Deep sea blue is like a magnificent beautiful color when the sun shines into the deep sea.

The Huawei P40 series also gives the phone a sense of space and elegance by controlling hue changes, reducing saturation and increasing brightness. In terms of overall style, the P40 series is biased towards a solid color design, reducing elements of light and shadow gradients, and transmitting a new minimalist aesthetics to the mobile phone design industry.


From the appearance design, extreme craftsmanship and color rendering of the Huawei P40 series, we can more deeply feel Huawei's personality and innovation in aesthetics. The strong research and development capabilities have allowed the original artistic conception to be fully reflected in the product, and finally brought consumers a flagship phone such as P40, which combines technology and aesthetics.