League of Powers! "Speed and Passion 9" China's exclusive mobile phone partner official announcement

On March 18th, today, @Redmi 红 米 手机 released Weibo again to warm up the new Redmi K30 Pro. It is worth noting that the official announcement this time that Redmi has become the exclusive mobile phone partner of the popular movie "Speed and Passion 9" in China.

It is understood that in the preheating poster released by Redmi Redmi brand general manager @ 卢伟 冰 yesterday, Mi Fan found the clue. Subsequently, Redmi Product Director @ 王 腾 Thomas also acknowledged the speculation of netizens in the reposted comments and indirectly acknowledged the existence of the joint model. Many users said that they look forward to the cooperation between Redmi and Super9.

According to currently known news, the new Redmi K30 Pro will be equipped with a Snapdragon 865 processor, with LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.1 flash memory. According to Lu Weibing, its running score at room temperature has reached 610,000+, and its performance is very powerful. In addition, the Redmi K30 Pro will also be available in two versions, the standard version and the zoom version. The zoom version will be equipped with a Sony IMX686 main camera and OIS optical image stabilization.

Although due to the impact of the epidemic, "Speed and Passion 9" was postponed, but Redmi's flagship new product launch will come on time. According to official news, Redmi K30 Pro will be officially launched on March 24, let us wait and see.