Learn from “Avatar Benz releases concept car: allow human-computer interaction integration

On January 8, according to foreign media reports, Ola kallenius, chief executive of Daimler AG, released a futuristic concept car called Mercedes Benz avtr at the 2020 International Consumer Electronics Show on Monday local time, inspired by the most expensive Hollywood sci-fi film “Avatar”.


According to Daimler, Mercedes Benz avtr, named after the sci-fi movie Avatar, aims to show a way of transportation that integrates human-computer interaction in a very distant future.

At the international consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, Oscar winning “Avatar” director James Cameron appeared with Conlin song.

The electric concept car features a fully recyclable battery, can move sideways like a crab, and has no steering wheel. Instead, the company says, it has a biometric control function, in which cars can monitor the driver’s breathing patterns and & ldquo; allow human-computer Integration & rdquo;.


Last year, he took over Daimler from Dieter Zetsche. The new chief executive promised to cut more than 10000 jobs worldwide by the end of 2022, saving $1.5 billion. Daimler is also saving money to dig deeper into the electric car market, not only to meet European emissions regulations, but also to compete with industry leader Tesla.

It is not clear whether the new concept car will appear in the long-awaited “Avatar” sequel, which has been delayed from later this year to December 2021. Daimler also plans to launch more than 10 all electric vehicles in the next three years.