Learning and entertainment are both good! For students to purchase in the summer, choose these iQOO models.

Now that the summer vacation has come, I believe many students and friends are ready to take advantage of the holiday to change a new mobile phone, in order to better meet their learning and entertainment needs. However, there are many mobile phone brands on the market, and new phones are emerging one after another, making students and parents a lot of trouble. So how should students choose a mobile phone that suits them? First of all, student party purchases should first consider the performance of the mobile phone, because the student party’s replacement frequency is generally two to three years, and high-performance mobile phones can be used smoothly for longer. In addition to performance, the screen, charging and taking pictures are also the focus of many students and friends when they buy the machine.

Looking at the current mobile phone market, there are not many models that can bring a satisfactory experience to students and friends in the above-mentioned aspects. iQOO 7 and iQOO Neo5 are typical representatives.

(Left: iQOO 7; Right: iQOO Neo5)

iQOO 7: Comprehensive configuration, taking into account learning and entertainment

As the flagship of iQOO, with the support of Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, enhanced UFS 3.1 and enhanced LPDDR5 hardware, iQOO 7 can not only run various large-scale applications and games smoothly, but also have faster data read and write speeds. Many students often use their mobile phones to download and transfer various learning materials, and the powerful performance of iQOO 7 can significantly increase the speed of transferring and copying learning materials, and greatly improve the learning efficiency of students.

(IQOO 7)

In terms of learning, the Jovi smart assistant built into iQOO 7 supports functions such as photo recognition and photo translation. If students and friends encounter questions or English words that they don’t understand during the learning process, they can use these features to quickly get answers.

In terms of leisure and entertainment, the iQOO 7’s full-feeling control experience can optimize the game scene from the aspects of touch, hearing and control, so that the majority of students and friends can get a more fun and dripping game experience. It is worth mentioning that the reputation of iQOO 7 on the Internet is also very good. For example, the user @极***验 is satisfied with the performance of iQOO 7 in all aspects.

(Jingdong platform)

iQOO Neo5: The screen effect is good, the online class is more eye-friendly

iQOO Neo5 is the first model with a “dual chip” combination in the 2k price range. With the support of Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 and independent display chip, it can bring users a more extreme gaming visual experience. Through the independent display chip, iQOO Neo5 brings the moonlight screen function, which can ensure that the screen display effect is still clear in low-brightness scenes, and the color transition is more natural. With the eye protection function, the effect of eye protection can be achieved. Nowadays, many students and friends still watch online classes after finishing their homework at night, and the screen of iQOO Neo5 can make the viewing experience of students more comfortable, effectively avoiding eye soreness when watching online classes at night.

(IQOO Neo5)

It is worth mentioning that iQOO Neo5 is also equipped with OIS optical image stabilization technology, which is rare in models of the same price, which can bring a better shooting experience. Many college students will pick up their mobile phones to take pictures of the teacher’s PPT or blackboard writing during class, and iQOO Neo5 can take these contents more clearly so that everyone can copy them down.

(IQOO Neo5)

In terms of word-of-mouth, for example, the user @****o below praised iQOO Neo5 for its sound effects, camera and running speed.

(Jingdong platform)

618 buy iQOO phone more cost-effective

Now is the climax of the 618 event. iQOO has brought multiple machine purchase benefits. It can be said that it is the best time for everyone to replace the new machine. On the JD platform, iQOO 7 can save up to 700 coupons, and the starting price is as low as 3,098, and the purchase can enjoy 24 interest-free issues, iQOO original headsets and other benefits.

The starting price of iQOO Neo5 is as low as 2499, users can enjoy 6 interest-free periods, PLUS users can get original earphones, trade-in up to 4999 yuan (USD $714) E card and earphone accessory coupons for purchase.

In general, iQOO 7 and iQOO Neo5 are models that are very suitable for student parties, and they can meet the daily learning and entertainment needs of students. In addition, iQOO’s discounts in this 618 event are very strong, and the purchase of the machine can also enjoy a lot of benefits including interest-free installments. Friends who have recent purchase needs hurry up!