Lei Jun announces Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary keynote speech! Super Cup expected

On July 31, Lei Jun, founder and CEO of Xiaomi technology, announced that “we have decided to hold a keynote speech on the 10th anniversary of Xiaomi”.

Lei Jun announces Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary keynote speech

Lei Jun issued an article saying, “this year is Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary, which is a very important day for me and Xiaomi. We had planned to hold a grand celebration, because of the epidemic, we had to cancel it. After thinking about it, I decided to hold a keynote speech on Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary to celebrate this important day

In this speech, Lei Jun said that he wanted to make a “summary report” to his rice noodle friends. Explain what Xiaomi has done right and wrong in this decade, and where Xiaomi will go in the next decade. In addition, Lei Jun said that many people do not know Xiaomi very well, and even have misunderstandings. In the past, Xiaomi has not done enough active communication. This time, on the 10th anniversary, Xiaomi will make a complete “self introduction”: who is Xiaomi and why Xiaomi struggles.

Lei Jun announces the 10th anniversary keynote speech of Xiaomi

In addition, Xiaomi has prepared several “representative works for the 10th anniversary” to let everyone “review” Xiaomi’s achievements in the past ten years. As for these “10th anniversary masterpieces”, I believe you should all guess what they are. The Xiaomi 10 Super Cup, which has been widely circulated recently, is expected to appear in this keynote speech, and redmi K30 ultra is also likely to be released in this speech. In addition, there may be other products to be launched. We are waiting for Xiaomi’s official publicity.