Lei Jun: I am OK. Xiaomi will build an unmanned factory with an annual capacity of tens of millions of mobile phones

A few days ago, Lei Jun, the founder and chairman of Xiaomi Technology, disclosed that Xiaomi has planned to build a 100% unmanned factory with an annual production capacity of tens of millions of mobile phones. It is worth mentioning that Lei Jun also said that he was depressed by the misunderstanding of the outside world, because one of them is that many people think that Xiaomi mobile phones are OEM, and Xiaomi itself does not have its own manufacturing technology.

Lei Jun, founder and chairman of Xiaomi Technology

In the third quarter of this year, Xiaomi returned to the third position in the global market share of smartphones. In response to the claim that Xiaomi products are all foundry, Lei Jun said that Xiaomi has determined to take root in the manufacturing industry and delivered the highest-end smartphones in China early this year. production line. Moreover, this production line is a completely unmanned "black light factory" except for loading and unloading.

Unmanned Factory (Picture Source Network)

It is reported that the Xiaomi smartphone factory is located in Yizhuang, Beijing. The current annual production capacity can reach 1 million high-end smartphones. At the same time, there are only a hundred engineers and workers in the entire factory. Currently, the efficiency of this factory is 25% higher than that of the most advanced factories in the mobile phone generation industry. As for the technical issues that the outside world is most concerned about, Lei Jun said that all the equipment in it, except the placement machine, is self-developed by Xiaomi or Xiaomi Investment Company. In addition, Lei Jun also disclosed that the second phase of the unmanned factory is under construction and is expected to increase its efficiency by 100% after completion.