Lei Jun: Xiaomi hosted the first hackathon, respecting every crazy idea

IT House News on December 10 Yesterday evening, Xiaomi founder, chairman and CEO Lei Jun issued a document via WeChat public account, stating that on December 7, the "2020 Xiaomi Group First Group Hackathon" ended. In this technology competition, Xiaomi engineers in Beijing, Wuhan, Nanjing and other cities contributed 13 patents within 48 hours.

IT Home learned that Lei Jun said that in the past ten years, Xiaomi has accumulated a strong engineer culture, "We hope to provide more stage for Xiaomi engineers through hackathons and internal technology competitions in the group."

Lei Jun also introduced the projects built around the "mobile phone × AIoT" ecology in this competition:

The first prize of the "First Group Hackathon of Xiaomi Group in 2020" is the "Listening" project. Five young people received a bonus of 100,000 yuan (USD $14286) for technological innovation. Their idea is to make full use of artificial intelligence speech technology to allow people with language disabilities to communicate with the outside world more smoothly and efficiently. The application of this technology reflects the original intention of Xiaomi's technology. From them, I see the social responsibility and responsibility of young people.

The idea of the "listening" project originated from the fact that Xiaomi engineers learned that the Xiaoai team had some colleagues with cerebral palsy, and it was difficult for them to communicate with colleagues. The team proposed to use artificial intelligence speech recognition technology to efficiently and accurately recognize the voices of people with cerebral palsy, and display the words of patients with cerebral palsy on their mobile phones in real time, so that ordinary people can understand what they are saying.

The “jump if you are upset” project won the second prize of the “First Xiaomi Group Hackathon”. This project is very innovative and truly interprets the word Hack: the team uses the sensors on the mobile phone very cleverly to expand the human-computer interaction form. Only need a mobile phone, you can enjoy fitness anytime, anywhere, and then cast a TV, you can entertain and relax with family and friends, greatly enhancing the playability of the game.

From these young engineers, we also feel the real Hack spirit.

Another second prize of the "Shared Smart Balanced Scooter" project is to realize the self-dispatching of vehicles through automatic navigation technology to solve the problem of difficulty in finding a car and tired riding on a short trip. Let the balance car automatically find people and explore the future smart short distance. A new form of transportation. Within 48 hours, the ability to build a system with such rich functions and a high degree of completion far exceeded the expectations of the judges.

We can also see from this product that AI can bring us more cool applications in the future.