Leica cooperates to change ownership of realme? The real image strength of the GT Master Edition seems to be stable

Recently, Xu Qi, the vice president of realme, warmed up his new realme GT Master Edition mobile phone on Weibo and gave an evaluation of “So far! The peak value of beauty! The peak image!” Although it is a bit of self-promotion, but from the proofs shared by Xu Qi today, this time the real GT Master Edition may be really something.

Today, Xu Qi posted a photo proof of the real GT master version on Weibo. The watermark has been mosaic-processed, but it is worth mentioning that this photo is not a color photo, but a black and white photo. The layering from far to near is very good, and if you are familiar with the photo style of the camera manufacturer, this photo still looks more “Germany” and the details are richer.

There must be a reason for the new camera to shoot proofs instead of color but black and white. Earlier, Shen Yiren mentioned on Weibo that Leica’s cooperation may change hands, and the partner may be the Orange Factory. The Orange Factory here speculates that it is either Xiaomi or Realme, and at present, Realme is more likely.

The news hasn’t stopped. Soon after Xu Qi shared the proofs, a blogger said that realme was co-branding with an old camera manufacturer, and it is expected that the GT Master Edition launch conference will be announced. This revelation immediately caused netizens to explode, and the rumors that Realme would be co-branded with Leica also spread.

According to previous rumors, the realme GT Master Edition will be equipped with a 6.5-inch 90Hz FHD+ screen, a Snapdragon 870 processor, a 4500mAh battery and a 65W super flash charge, a maximum of 12+256GB storage, a thickness of 8mm, and a weight of 185g.

And the back camera adopts a matrix design, the specific parameters are 100 million pixels + 13 million pixels + 2 million pixels for three shots, and this 100 million pixel main camera is likely to be Samsung’s fourth-generation HM3, which supports up to 108 million pixels and 12 million pixels. The seamless switching between the two, so it seems that the overall image strength is indeed very good.

In addition to the unexpected video capabilities, the realme master version of the mobile phone is not unexpectedly still operated by Naoto Fukasawa. Previously, realme and Naoto Fukasawa launched the Realme X Master Edition Onion/White Garlic Edition, realme X2 Pro Master Edition: Red Brick/Cement, realme X Master Edition White Garlic/Onion, etc., among which the Realme X2 Pro Master Edition has won the 2020 Red Point design award, the appearance is very recognizable, and this time the real GT Master Edition has reached a new height in appearance, while the image has also been greatly improved.

At present, the realme GT series has launched a variety of products, including Realme GT, Realme GT Neo, and Realme GT Neo Flash Edition. They are recognized and loved by consumers for their excellent product experience and competitive prices. 618 During the period, realme’s online sales exceeded 1 million units, and the cumulative sales of Android ranked second, among which the top-brand product was the Realme GT series. Probably thanks to consumers’ love of the True Self GT series, realme put this master version on the GT series, I believe that with the ultra-high and highly recognizable appearance design and the image prowess to reach new heights , This time the Real Self GT Master Edition will give you a surprise.