Lenovo executives show off Xiaoxin Pad Pro 2021: Snapdragon 870+ independent display chip

As Lenovo’s new product launch conference is getting closer and closer at the end of the month, the product director @林林-一枝小白兔 posted a photo of the outer packaging of Xiaoxin Pad Pro. Judging from the rendering on the main box, the appearance of the new Xiaoxin Pad Pro is basically the same as the previous generation.

However, there are surprises in its configuration. Its processor has been upgraded from the previous Snapdragon 730G to the Snapdragon 870. The performance has been improved by several grades. The screen uses 2K+90Hz OLED, and it is also equipped with a unique display chip. The function has not been announced yet, and some netizens speculate that it is supplied by pixelworks for frame supplement and image quality enhancement.

In addition, there is also a newly designed YOGA Pad Pro flagship tablet that should also be released. It also carries the Snapdragon 870 platform, uses a reel-type bracket design, and supports mini HDMI video input.