Lenovo has made a notebook wireless charging kit that supports up to 65W power

For many years, I have wanted to make my tablet and laptop support wireless charging. Lenovo recently launched a “Go” wireless charging kit (Go Wireless Charging Kit), which may make this idea come true.

This kit includes a charging pad and a receiver. The former can be stored according to user needs, and can be used on a table or other flat surface at ordinary times. The receiver uses USB-C to connect to the device, so it can theoretically be used with most tablets and notebooks including iPad Pro.

Officials said that this product uses “Power by Contact” technology, not the more mainstream Qi standard. It can provide 65W charging power, with an efficiency of 93%, can charge most 13-inch to 14-inch laptops, and is suitable for devices such as Windows and macOS.

This kit will go on sale in October, priced at $139.99. In the future, Lenovo will also launch a variety of Go series products, including power banks, wireless mice, headsets and keyboards.