Lenovo Music Lemon K12 Pro evaluation: 6000mAh battery + 6400W AI triple camera scheduled to be more than 1,000 yuan (USD $143) flagship

I think the thousand-yuan phone market was a battleground for mobile phone manufacturers. This has also spawned some successful sub-brand series, such as Xiaomi Redmi, Meizu Charm Blue, and Lenovo Lemeng. They have many diehard fans. Competitiveness between each other is equal, and it can be described as a rivalry.

Now that the time has passed-Charm Blue is dead and Redmi transformed into Redmi. Lenovo chose to wake up the long-dormant Lemeng series to fight the thousand-yuan mobile phone market at the end of 2020. Lenovo officially reported with the skilled Lemeng K12 Pro. Therefore, we have the Lenovo Lemon K12 Pro, which is full of vitality and is extremely cost-effective for the market within a thousand yuan.

6.8-inch microporous screen brings visual impact, 3D curved body feels comfortable

When I first saw the Lenovo Lemeng K12 Pro, it continued Lemeng’s ultimate cost-effectiveness and cool aesthetics. The fuselage did not straightforwardly continue the orange series, but the dark cyan color, but it can still bring people the feeling of lush years. . It is reported that in addition to the “ink blue”, the aircraft also has a “purple” color scheme.

Lenovo Music Lemon K12 Pro is equipped with a 6.8-inch microporous screen on the front. The screen is designed with rounded corners. The display effect is clear and delicate, and it can also bring theater-level visual impact. Even if you use it to play mobile games, you can also Bring an immersive experience of broadening your horizons.

In order to show the technology dollar, the Lenovo Le Lemon K12 Pro with an integrated molded body has a moderate size. According to official data, the body of the machine is polished by a non-metal oxide color deposition process and supplemented with a 10 micron-level flowing light texture. Engraving, the body adopts a 3D curved surface design.

This brings a high level of real touch and can make the body feel sweat-proof, non-slip, comfortable and moist. It is worth mentioning that the fingerprint recognition button on the back of the Lenovo Le Meng K12 Pro is almost kept on a parallel surface with the body. The almost integrated body design also ensures the aesthetics of the whole machine.

Special buttons give you special one-key direct access to high-frequency applications

The Lenovo Music Lemon K12 Pro is equipped with a seemingly unremarkable button in the middle of the left side of the fuselage. This is why it has to be taken out alone, but it is actually quite special. Because users can associate it with common application settings, and start related applications with just one click.

For example, in the menu settings, you can associate the “memo” with the “button”, and follow the operation prompts to quickly open the “sticky note” APP, and you can also call the health code, payment code, ride code, and wake up with almost zero delay.

In the same way, apps like WeChat, Alipay, NetEase Cloud Music, and iQiyi in your mobile phone, or life-assisted tools such as calculators, flashlights, and compasses, can all be quickly recalled.

Lenovo Music Lemon K12 Pro also supports a variety of gesture operations, such as turning the phone face down to turn on the silent mode, picking up the phone when an incoming call is ringing, it can be converted to vibration mode, and cutting hard twice to turn on/off the flashlight, and quickly shake it. You can turn on the camera twice with your wrist, and the convenient life can really be controlled by one hand.

6000mAh Big Mac battery with AI optimization to keep power on all day

Smooth operation is inseparable from the blessing of hardware. Lenovo K12 Pro is equipped with Snapdragon 662 processor, using 11nm process technology, and the main frequency is up to 2.0G. It may not be comparable to high-end chips, and its comprehensive performance can meet the daily smooth use of ordinary users.

The Lenovo K12 Pro with enough chips can bring real satisfaction to users in terms of battery life. The 6000mAh battery won first, and the eight-core processor is supplemented by AI power consumption deep optimization, which reduces the average power consumption of competing products. 20%, the maximum standby battery life is up to 31 days.

The editor starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 10 p.m., using a mobile phone for a day to participate in various scenes such as WeChat chat, watching dramas, blogging, watching news, playing games, listening to music, taking photos, and mobile navigation. , As much as possible to squeeze the Lenovo K12 Pro usage frequency.

Please refer to the table above for the power consumption time. In the end, at 10pm, there is still 32% of the phone’s power remaining. My actual feeling is that people are tired, but the phone still has about one-third of the power to waste. This is true. Strong!

The phone supports 15W fast charge, with a 20W fast charge adapter. Thanks to its large battery, you don’t have to worry about insufficient battery power during the day, and it also supports OTG reverse charging, which allows phones and other devices to quickly recharge at any time. Recover full energy in a short time.

The 64 million AI triple-camera combination records the good life at any time

Using a mobile phone to record a good life is a way of life that modern people love to hear and hear. Lenovo Le Lemon K12 Pro is equipped with a combination of AI triple-camera lens that may be the only leapfrog 64-megapixel full-scene in a thousand yuan.

They are 64 million main camera + 2 million image depth camera + 2 million macro camera, the main camera has 1.4μm pixel size and f 1.79 large aperture, which greatly guarantees the final image quality of the phone.

The Lenovo Lemeng K12 Pro, which has excellent lens hardware, also uses AI to support mobile image computing power, and through the exposure control and noise reduction processing capabilities, the photos are delicate and textured. 18 interesting camera modes meet the user’s multi-scene shooting needs.

Take a look at the group photos:

From my personal feelings, the editor can feel the “hard work” of Lenovo Music Lemon K12 Pro in taking pictures, and the shooting proofs are clear and natural.

The photos taken outdoors have a strong sense of transparency, and the imaging effect of the indoor proofs is not falsified, and there is no sense of smearing. It can easily restore the real scene to meet the user’s shooting needs of the whole scene.

Lenovo has not forgotten to be excellent enough in signal. Le Meng K12 Pro uses a 360° smart surround antenna design, which not only has ultra-low radiation, but also has 6 sets of antennas arranged around the fuselage, which effectively reduces the impact on the signal in scenarios such as holding and storage.

According to the official introduction, before leaving the factory, it has not forgotten to do tens of thousands of complex quality inspection tests to ensure that users can enjoy the best experience in time. It also supports IP53 life waterproof splash and comes with a safety halo.


As Lenovo’s first comeback from Le Meng launched in 2020, the term “multi-talented” is used to describe the Lenovo Le Meng K12 Pro, which I personally find very appropriate. The machine is equipped with a large 6000mAh battery, a 64-megapixel full-scene AI three-shot, a 6.8-inch microporous screen and other leapfrog hardware combinations, which are its unique selling points in the thousand yuan machine market.

In general, Lenovo Lemeng K12 Pro succeeded in being the “king of life within a thousand yuan” by virtue of its strength. At the same time, it also enabled consumers to see the genes of Lemeng’s ultimate cost-effectiveness and cool aesthetics from many aspects. The price is also 999 yuan (USD $143) . It represents the extremely cost-effective side of the machine. If you want to enjoy an uninterrupted power for one day, unplugged for two days, and 30 days of extreme standby experience, choose Lenovo K12 Pro.