Lenovo rescuer e-sports mobile phone renderings exposed, "Y" shape on the back is conspicuous

The boom of the mobile game industry has led to the rise of gaming mobile phones in the past two years. Black Shark, Asus, Red Devils, etc. have launched a variety of gaming mobile phones, and the market feedback is good, but if you also want to start a gaming mobile phone, then there will be one more select.

March 26 news, recently foreign media pricebaba exposed the Lenovo Rescuer e-sports mobile phone appearance renderings, the appearance is very e-sports, but the official has not yet revealed the appearance of information, so the credibility is not high.

Judging from the exposed renderings, the Lenovo Savior E-sports phone uses a "Y" design on the back, three vertical rear shots, the Savior's iconic "LEGION" word and logo printed on the back, and the design has edges and corners. High degree of recognition.

The Lenovo Saver E-sports phone uses a traditional full-screen design on the front, without openings or a special-shaped full-screen.

In terms of core configuration, Lenovo Savior E-sports mobile phone has officially announced that it will be equipped with Snapdragon 865 processor, support 5G network, support PD3.0 fast charge, innovative thermal design inside the fuselage, and is expected to be equipped with a built-in 5050mAh large battery.