Lenovo Saver warms up two new notebooks: Micro-edge full screen +144Hz high brush

On November 3, Lenovo released the latest warm-up information. It will launch two thin and light gaming laptops in one go-Y9000X and R9000X 2021, and also announced the detailed screen information of these two products.

It is reported that the two new Lenovo notebooks will be equipped with 15.6-inch screens. The biggest highlights of the screen are many, such as support for 144Hz high brushing, 100% sRGB high color gamut (typical value), micro-edge full screen, and 5ms Response time, 8bit native color depth and support for Dolby Vision high dynamic display, etc.

According to the official introduction, 144Hz high brush, 5ms response time and 8bit native color depth will bring a more delicate, clear and layered visual experience, with Dolby Vision and other functions, in terms of display effects, both notebooks will do To be very good.

In other respects, according to previous revelations, Lenovo’s Y9000X and R9000X 2021 notebooks both use a multi-faceted metal design and weigh 1.86Kg and 1.92Kg, respectively. And they also support 180° flip and Y-shaped lighting effects. As for the price and release time, it has not yet been determined, and we can only wait for Lenovo's next move.