Lenovo Services won two smart operation and maintenance awards, focusing on customer experience to help business innovation

On June 25, the “2021 China IT Operation and Maintenance Summit Forum” hosted by the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce was successfully held in Beijing, with the theme of the forum being “New Operation and Maintenance in the Era of Digital Intelligence”.

At this forum, Lenovo Group won the “2021 China Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Leader” award, and Lenovo’s service cloud products won the “2021 China Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Excellent Solution” award. The two smart operation and maintenance awards show that Lenovo has formed a unique IT operation and maintenance concept, a strong service delivery system and innovative business model based on more than 20 years of enterprise service management experience and best industry management service practices. Facilitate business innovation and digital transformation of enterprises.

Intelligent operation and maintenance takes customer experience as the core and in-depth business

As China’s largest IT operation and maintenance service provider and a leading professional service provider for enterprise intelligent transformation, Lenovo Smart Services provides customers with the full life cycle of IT services from evaluation, planning, design, delivery, operation and maintenance, and service quality improvement. service.

Through strong solution integration capabilities, industry-leading service delivery platforms, a nationwide service guarantee system, a professional high-end technical team, and a nationwide instant response service network, Lenovo helps corporate customers obtain a better IT service experience and helps enterprises refocus Plastic IT architecture and digital transformation, and realize enterprise IT from supporting to leading.

Lenovo Group won the “2021 China Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Leader” award

Lenovo IT Management Services has now become the IT service provider of choice for many industry leaders, and has been the number one desktop IT service provider in China for seven consecutive years.

According to IDC data, in the six Hs from 2017 to 2019, Lenovo continued to rank first among the top 10 players in the IT management service industry, and its revenue in 2H in 2019 was US$81.19 million, with a significant year-on-year growth rate.

Under the wave of new infrastructure construction, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other technologies are growing rapidly in the corporate environment, and the complexity of IT service management has also been further strengthened, and the need for integration with other fields has also been mentioned by more companies. The agenda is up.

At the same time, the organizational structure of some group companies covers a wide range of regions, many affiliated organizations, and the variety of positions involved, coupled with the high turnover of personnel in industries such as manufacturing, which makes them have to face a series of non-standard services and positions. Inconsistent management, difficult management, uneven allocation of resources, unfounded decision-making and other issues.

In order to solve the above-mentioned problems of customer enterprises, Lenovo IT management services assist customers in building an integrated IT service organization structure, unified standard service process management, and unified personnel capabilities through the planning and construction of integrated operation and maintenance, and nationwide user service support. Management, unified tool platform and automated tool capabilities to realize service data precipitation to assist decision-making. While maintaining a large group service organization structure, it also assists customers in integrating the resources and capabilities of various IT service providers to jointly serve within the group Users in all departments and positions of the company have greatly reduced management costs, communication costs and service costs.

In fact, IT operation and maintenance services based on the traditional model are far from being able to adapt to the ever-changing business requirements. Through years of cooperation with customers, Lenovo Services has gradually penetrated into the customer’s business level and production environment, and has become a customer’s strategic partner.

At the same time, Lenovo has successfully shifted the evaluation indicators of operation and maintenance services from the IT perspective to the customer perspective, making service activities based on the actual needs of customers, and implementing customer service experience in every aspect of service delivery. Moreover, the importance of customer participation is emphasized from the service KPI index, which greatly strengthens the integration of IT technology and customer business.

Different from other service providers, Lenovo’s strategic partnership between services and customers enables customers to support every step of their business development through the Lenovo IT operation and maintenance service team.

This is due to Lenovo’s complete service governance system, including how to connect with customers from a strategic perspective, how to carry out service governance cooperation from various customer teams, how to implement end-to-end service management by referring to the needs of international standards for customers, and How to form a comprehensive service guarantee system for national projects.

At the end of 2020, Lenovo was also awarded the ITSS (Information Technology Service Standards) first-level qualification, marking that Lenovo has met the highest level of ITSS in terms of operation and maintenance service capability management, personnel, resources, technology, and process. At the same time, an MS standardized operation and maintenance system based on ITSS and other compliance requirements and China’s best practices has been built.

In addition, a powerful service delivery system is also an important starting point for Lenovo’s IT management services. For example, Lenovo has invested heavily in setting up call centers in 4 locations (Beijing, Shenzhen, Wuxi, Hefei), with more than 20,000 certified engineers; at the same time, 2 large (Beijing, Shanghai) national spare parts platforms, 32 regional spare parts warehouses, and 60 quick repairs The library and 1,400 station-level libraries solve the problem of spare parts in a timely manner; more than 2,600 service stations cover tier 1-6 cities across the country, as well as omni-channel service delivery, 7×24 hours technical support, and provide customers with multi-brand products and full life cycle full-domain IT services .

Lenovo Service Cloud makes service easier

Lenovo combines more than 20 years of service experience and successful practices, integrates internal and external resources, and innovates to create the first full-process, full-link, full-ecological service system platform product Lenovo Service Cloud in China, which aims to provide commercial customers with after-sales products. End-to-end solutions on services and its own IT services.

With Lenovo’s high-standard process management experience and an excellent team of technical experts, the Lenovo service cloud product created by Lenovo provides IT service management functions on demand, improves IT productivity and service quality, and helps customers establish a complete automated IT operation and maintenance management system. The centralized management and control of the entire process of enterprise-level IT services ensures the effectiveness and continuity of IT services.

Lenovo’s service cloud products won the “2021 China Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Excellent Solution” award

Lenovo service cloud products have five key features, including end-to-end service management, seamless connection of online and offline delivery resources, flexible expansion and flexible customization, ubiquitous intelligent technology applications, and multi-level customer data security protection mechanisms.

It is understood that the overall architecture of Lenovo’s service cloud platform is in the shape of a pyramid. Located at the bottom of the pyramid is a full-scenario service resource with rich and diverse skills, which covers equipment installation and deployment, national equipment on-site maintenance and other offline services across the country; intelligent customer service center, Online services such as hotline seats; and service resources such as a complete supply chain system.

Located in the middle layer of the pyramid, the SaaS-based operation platform functions against global SaaS giants, and the integration of online and offline service capabilities enables Lenovo to achieve greater surpassing.

Compared with the fiercely competitive bottom service resource market, Lenovo’s management system capability at the top of the pyramid is the unique advantage of Lenovo’s service cloud platform.

After years of hard work in service business, Lenovo Services has accumulated a wealth of experience. The combination of theory and practice has formed the best practices suitable for the needs of all walks of life. At the same time, in view of the development bottleneck of traditional IT operation and maintenance services, Lenovo has explored a set of effective service concepts and methodology, and then formed Lenovo’s profound management system capabilities.

As a leader in the ICT service industry and a leader in China’s IT operation and maintenance market for seven consecutive years, Lenovo’s service cloud products mainly include two application scenarios, one is the full-category service business scenario for ICT manufacturers, and the other is the integrated management of enterprise IT Service business scenarios.

In the after-sales service management business scenario of a product manufacturer, for a certain manufacturer’s business expansion, users quickly covering low-tier cities, a complete after-sales system has not been established, product categories and models, and engineers across the country need to have relevant professional skills and The pain points such as product knowledge, the service coverage of Lenovo’s service cloud solution in 1-6 cities, the whole process digital management and professional training system, enable the manufacturer to focus more on its core business, and the customer’s after-sales service team is zero. , Reached 10 times the year-on-year growth rate of sales.

In the customer’s internal IT service management business scenario, Lenovo’s service cloud solution provides an end-to-end store IT intelligent operation and maintenance for a chain catering group, which enables the group to improve the quality of operation, real-time and transparent service progress management and control, and enhance the service experience of shop assistants. , Flexible support for business expansion and adjustment, to realize the full life cycle management of assets, making IT operation and maintenance easier, more efficient, and smarter.

In general, Lenovo’s service cloud products carry Lenovo’s excellent service management experience, service resources covered by the entire network, service operations and supply chain capabilities accumulated by Lenovo for more than 20 years, and provide customers with the best solution for the customization of the entire value chain. Delivery mode.