Lenovo speeds up to every second! 618 first went online and delivered to home in 28 minutes

Lenovo 618’s ultimate battle report is out!

Lenovo 618 has set a new historical record, with cumulative sales of the entire network surpassing 7.5 billion yuan! Reached the top with a brilliant record, swept the three major e-commerce platforms, and won 26 championships in the computer and digital industry!

The amazing is more than that, the “Lenovo official website” and “Speed up” record are equally surprising. Lenovo’s official website 618 exceeded 280 million in a single day, and the cumulative total sales exceeded 760 million, both hitting record highs. The strength of the official platform to interpret the shopping charm of the official platform , Especially with the blessing of the 618 “speed up” service, the consumption experience of Lenovo’s official website is more efficient, more intimate, and closer to users. As of June 15, Lenovo has completed the delivery of hundreds of products, with a punctuality rate of 94.1%.

Behind the dazzling results, Lenovo’s “customer-centric” customer direct concept is reflected. At 618 this year, Lenovo has tried its best to reach and use the express delivery of “Chop Hand Party” faster. On June 1st, Lenovo’s official website officially launched the consumer fast delivery service. The first batch of products covered 22 core cities and 30 service outlets across the country, covering 90 economically most developed administrative regions in the country. For some models in the official website mall activity page, Orders placed before 11 am will be delivered on the same day; orders placed before 24:00 will be delivered before 15:00 the next day. At the same time, consumers will also enjoy the new machine “wasteland” service. The innovative concept contained in the “speed delivery” model is exactly the customer-centric transformation and smart transformation of Lenovo’s smart service, which fully reflects the powerful capabilities of Lenovo’s smart service in the middle of the station. At the same time, it has direct contact with consumer groups, bringing unprecedented levels to users. Consumer experience and embrace a more efficient lifestyle.

As China’s largest ICT equipment service provider, the largest IT operation and maintenance service provider, and a leading enterprise intelligent transformation professional service provider, Lenovo Smart Services focuses more on the deep-seated pain points of users. Compared with the delivery experience of other brands, this time Jisuda delivers goods through the combination of “engineer” and “courier brother” identities, and provides consumers with various new machine-related services such as new machine land reclamation, and closely combines time-sensitive delivery with professional services related to the new machine. , To open up the “last mile” innovative service experience for users.

Compared with traditional shopping and service models, Lenovo has a broader space for exploration in innovative services. Relying on Lenovo’s smart transformation in China, Lenovo’s smart services are based on the official mall’s strong user base and professional sales capabilities, and will broadly lay out the line The offline service outlets and the official website mall system are connected to each other to achieve integration. This kind of in-depth service of placing orders in online official malls, fast delivery by offline matching service outlets and pioneering new machines is the final landing of Lenovo’s service-oriented smart transformation, meeting the individual needs of consumers, and also serving the industry. Development has given a new trend and has become a powerful embodiment of Lenovo’s brand value.

As for the word-of-mouth of “Xida”, from the overall user evaluation, the vast majority of users expressed high recognition. They praised the super time-effective and considerate new machine services brought by “Xida”. A consumer said The official website commented: “I placed an order in the early morning last night and the goods arrived in the morning. The engineer told me that because the goods were expensive, they had to be delivered to me personally. They were also delivered from the dormitory to the company. Very caring! The engineer also enthusiastically helped me activate it. “

Another user commented: “The final payment paid in the early hours of today was received at noon. The first experience of the speed service was really fast. The staff was very patient and caring. The experience was great. I was able to grab such a The machine is really lucky, and it’s also lucky to be able to enjoy such top-level services.”

As a user who enjoys fast delivery, he also enjoys the guidance of “open wasteland” of the new machine. One of the users commented: “Thank Lenovo for speeding up! I got up early in the morning and bombed me every half an hour. I heard that I had nothing to do in the afternoon. After receiving the goods, I rushed to my address in half an hour and successfully completed the transfer of the “air”! The little brother is very careful! All the instructions have been done!”

From a comprehensive user evaluation point of view, the launch of the “Extreme Speed” project has not only fully eased consumers’ anxious feelings of eagerly obtaining goods, but also matched the new machine services with practicality and thoughtfulness to make consumers shine. Provide consumers with a new shopping experience. The development of the “Extreme Speed” business not only organically combines the existing smart services with the official website mall platform to form a brand-new sales and service model, but also continues to dig into the direction of deepening services and maximizing value.

The recognition of consumers is also inseparable from the Lenovo engineers who are the main body of the service implementation of Speedy. They all have hard-core “Martial Arts”. They represent the brand image of Lenovo and shoulder the ardent expectations of consumers. For new purchasers of professional issues such as “How to add SSD”, “How to add memory”, “How to activate OFFICE”, “Follow-up maintenance service station” and other professional issues, engineers can help new purchasers quickly understand and assemble. This kind of intimate service is obtained The positive feedback from Lenovo is not only at the level of word-of-mouth, but also allows Lenovo to have a deeper understanding of user needs and quickly tailor intelligent service solutions to meet user needs at more levels.

As an important part of Lenovo’s service intelligence process, the “speed delivery” model not only embodies the fruitful results of Lenovo’s service intelligence transformation, but also demonstrates Lenovo’s strategic thinking of always adhering to the consumer as the core. In particular, after the launch of the first batch of pilot cities, they have been greatly affirmed by consumers, which has also laid a solid foundation for the promotion of the “Extreme Speed” business on a larger scale. In the not-too-distant future, the “Extreme Speed” business will continue to cover a wider area, accurately identify user pain points, provide accurate service support, continuously improve the customer journey, implement comprehensive and caring services, and release surging intelligence New momentum for transformation.