Lenovo ThinkPad t14s launched, carbon fiber fuselage price 6999 yuan (USD $1000)

Recently, more and more middle and high-end notebooks begin to use AMD processor, which also shows that the image of AMD has been significantly improved in the PC market. Some time ago, ThinkPad launched the sharp dragon version of ThinkPad t 14 series business books in the Chinese market, which can be regarded as a high-end amd laptop product.

Today, the more high-end ThinkPad t14s is also on the shelves. The processor is upgraded to the Ruilong Pro series of commercial grade. Only one R7 Pro 4750u processor is available. The price of 16GB + 512gb is 6999 yuan (USD $1000) .

ThinkPad is officially positioned as a light, high-energy workbook that can cope with more environments. The whole machine has passed 12 rigorous tests based on mil-std-810g standard, including humidity, low temperature, high temperature, dust, solar radiation, etc.

It weighs 1.35Kg and is 16.7mm thick. It is made of carbon fiber. There are two usb-a interfaces, two usb-c interfaces, one HDMI, one 3.5mm headset interface and SD card reader on both sides.

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ThinkPad t14s