Lenovo Xiaoxin Autumn Conference Official Announcement: 11th Generation Core + 4266 RAM

According to Lenovo's official news, Lenovo will hold an autumn conference on October 20. It is expected to launch a large number of Xiaoxin, YOGA series of thin and light notebooks equipped with 11-generation Core processors , as well as new tablet and all-in-one products.

Product director @林林-一枝小白兔 revealed that the new notebook products will include 2021 Xiaoxin Air 14/15 , Xiaoxin Pro 13/14 , YOGA 13s/14s , YOGA Pro 13s/14s , YOGA Pro 14c , and To ensure the full display of the Xe set display performance, this 11th-generation Core new product will be equipped with LPDDR4X 4266MHz UHF memory.

At the same time, he also announced the batch listing information of YOGA 14S and Xiaoxin Pro 14 in different configurations:

As there are so many updated products this time, in order to avoid confusion, Director Lin summarized the positioning of the new products of the Xiaoxin and YOGA series as follows:

We have previously reported that the new autumn products of the Xiaoxin and YOGA series will have a huge improvement in the screen display effect. In addition, the new Lenovo Xiaoxin tablet and YOGA 27 all-in-one machine may also be unveiled at the press conference.