Lenovo Xiaoxin debuts new products in 2021, intending to set off a storm of light, thin and high brushes

Last night, Lenovo released a new generation of thin and light notebooks, IdeaPad 5 Pro and IdeaPad 5i Pro, corresponding to the Chinese Mainland License version of the small new series. As the CES exhibition approaches, it is expected that they will soon meet with domestic consumers.

In terms of configuration, both series are available in 14- and 16-inch versions. The only difference is that the IdeaPad 5 Pro is equipped with a Ryzen 5000 processor, and the IdeaPad is equipped with an 11-generation Core standard pressure processor. The rest are basically the same. It is worth mentioning that the Ryzen version of IdeaPad 5 Pro 16-inch can be equipped with up to mobile RTX30 graphics card (most likely 3060Max-Q) and 32GB of memory.

The screen is their biggest highlight. IdeaPad 5/5i Pro 14 is equipped with a 14-inch 16:10 2K screen, and supports 90Hz high refresh rate and 350nits brightness; IdeaPad 5/5i Pro 16 is equipped with a 16.1-inch 16:10 2K screen, supports 120Hz refresh rate and 400nits brightness. If users need better battery life, they can also switch to the standard 60Hz refresh rate at any time.

In terms of price, according to the previous domestic pricing speculation of the Xiaoxin series, their starting price should be in the range of 5000-6000 yuan (USD $714) . The following is the appearance of the two:

IdeaPad 5/5i Pro 14

IdeaPad 5/5i Pro 16