Lenovo Xiaoxin new product warm-up: or the first Ryzen 5000+MX450 combination

With AMD’s announcement of the mobile version of the Ryzen 5000 processor at CES 2021, various brands quickly took action. Today, Lenovo Xiaoxin Notebook official micro-announcement, users are very much looking forward to AMD x NVIDIA notebook will debut soon.

Last year, the mobile version of the Ryzen 4000U series processors, with the greatly upgraded Zen2 architecture, leading 7nm process, and multi-core strategy, can be said to have made the limelight in the thin and light notebook market. But the strange thing is that the thin and light notebooks equipped with Ryzen processors have not been equipped with discrete graphics cards. The limited performance of the nuclear display itself and the lack of CUDA acceleration make the powerful Ryzen processors often have nowhere to go. Therefore, many people expect the combination of Ryzen processor + N card to make the gaming and productivity performance of thin and light notebooks go to a higher level.

Now, this wave of Lenovo’s warm-up can be regarded as a hope for everyone. Based on the heat dissipation capabilities of the past Xiaoxin notebooks, I believe the new products can also perform at a good level. You can look forward to it.