Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro 13 / Air 14/15 is not clear, how to choose?

Recently, Lenovo has released a new thin and light product.

In less than a month from the resumption of work, three members have been added to the Lenovo Xiaoxin series.

They are Xiaoxin Air 14 2020, Xiaoxin Pro 13 2020 and Xiaoxin 15 2020.

The difference between them and the price can be seen in the picture below.

Regarding the product positioning of the Xiaoxin series, Lenovo officially gave it to everyone last year.

The Xiaoxin Pro series has the highest positioning, the Xiaoxin Air series is the second, and the lowest is the Xiaoxin digital series.

But in fact, Xiaoxin, as Lenovo's mid-range product line, as long as the materials are similar, the price is actually not much different, and it can hardly reflect its positioning gap.

The "not-perceived" upgrade has led many people to not know how to choose these three newly released Xiaoxin notebooks.

So today I will analyze it for you.

The first is the Xiaoxin Air 14 2020, which is the earliest release. It is recommended that you start with the i5 version. The 800 yuan (USD $114) premium of the i7 version is not worth it. Although the i7-1065G7's nuclear display performance is much stronger than the i5-1035G1, Xiaoxin Air 14 2020 has its own unique display. The stronger nuclear display performance will not bring about any changes. If possible, I think the Xiaoxin Air 14 2020 will be more suitable to use a 14nm tenth generation processor, after all, it has a slight performance advantage.

The rest of the configuration does not have any slots, the screen quality reaches the level of 100% sRGB, and the memory is equipped with dual 16GB as standard. It supports USB-C port charging and weighs 1.39 Kg, which is considered to be a thinner and lighter model in the 14-inch model.

It is not difficult to see that Xiaoxin Air 14 2020 is the most moderate of these three products. If there is no special demand, buy this one.

Then there is the Xiaoxin Pro 13 2020. I believe that many people are in doubt between it and the Xiaoxin Air 14 2020. After all, the prices are similar and the configurations are similar. The Xiaoxin Pro 13 2020 and 2019 models remain unchanged from the 2019 model except for the discrete graphics upgrade to the MX350.

So the biggest difference from Xiaoxin Air 14 may be the screen, 2560 × 1600 resolution, 16:10 ratio, the display effect is more delicate and more productive. If you have higher requirements for screen quality, don't hesitate to buy Xiaoxin Pro 13 directly. And the 16GB version is more worth buying. The 8GB version is really better than saving money to start last year's AMD Ryzen Edition. It takes at least 3-5 years to buy a laptop. It doesn't have 16GB of memory, which is a little overhanging.

Finally, the recently launched Xiaoxin 15 2020. Attentive friends will find that there is no English word in the name, indicating that this is a relatively low-end series in the Xiaoxin product line. This low-end is reflected in the material of the fuselage. Xiaoxin 15 2020 does not use an all-metal fuselage. According to the official statement, the C surface has a fuzz-like effect, a soft experience, and a better heat insulation effect.

My years of experience using a laptop tells me that this CD is actually made of plastic, but plastic does have better thermal insulation due to its higher specific heat capacity, which means that the body looks cheaper.

The larger body means there is more space inside, the battery capacity of the Xiaoxin 15 2020 reaches 70Wh, and the battery life will be very good. At the same time, the C side has also added a number keyboard, starting at 5099 yuan (USD $728) . This should still be a large-screen notebook with a high cost performance for the Intel platform. The AMD platform can take a look at the Honor MagicBook Pro. As long as you have the demand for a large screen, it is right to buy Xiaoxin 15 2020.

  • After speaking, it is actually very simple, just three sentences:
  • Want a big screen to buy Xiaoxin 15 2020
  • Want screen quality to buy Xiaoxin Pro 13 2020
  • The rest can buy Xiaoxin Air 14 2020

If you still can't decide, then you can buy with currency, and there will be more fragrant products coming to market before 618.