Lenovo's tablet goes out of the circle on the talk show madly screams to stand up!

On June 18th, the 618 “Tucao Conference” held by JD.com in the JD Live Room hit the whole network. In this live broadcast, JD Appliances assembled 18 brand BOSS and 6 popular traffic talk show anchors, using the interactive method of “hosts talk about the microphone, and brand BOSS responds” to jointly create Jingdong Electric’s 618 BOSS price to the peak live broadcast. As the leading brand in the digital segment of JD.com and the biggest dark horse in the tablet market this year, Lenovo brought its explosive tablet products to the live broadcast room. Its super products have won the favor of talk show actor Yi Lijing.

The fancy complaints and soul torture of the popular anchors are important points of this talk show. During the interaction between the anchor and the executives, the 6 groups of talk show anchors need to focus on “The clown is actually myself”, “Tie Dare”, “What is a happy planet”, “DUCK does not have to”, “Just for fun” and ” So love will disappear, right?” and other 6 hot word tags on the Internet interact with the brand bosses. When talking about the equipment you bring with you, Yi Lijing complains that the laptop is too bulky and difficult to carry. Faced with such a grounded soul, Wang Chuandong, vice president of Lenovo Group and chief marketing officer of China, was the first to use Amway Lenovo’s YOGA Pad Pro tablet as its support. This wave of Amway is just right.

Picture: Wang Chuandong, Vice President of Lenovo Group and Chief Marketing Officer of China Region, demonstrated to Yi Lijing and recommended Lenovo YOGA Pad Pro

Lenovo YOGA Pad Pro is a powerful and lighter tablet computer, which can satisfy the perfect imagination of quality elites on both work and life. As an all-rounder in the tablet industry, Lenovo’s YOGA Pad Pro is equipped with the industry’s first Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 flagship processor that supports split-screen multi-tasking. Its built-in bracket can also make the fuselage stand up or hang. The tablet’s voice input function also makes work smarter. Not only that, the weight of Lenovo YOGA Pad Pro is about 830g, which is about the weight of a bottle and a half of mineral water. It can be installed lightly anytime and anywhere, making work more worry-free.

Lenovo China’s accumulated innovation capabilities in the PC field over the years have given its tablet products a strong appeal. For a long time, Lenovo has never stopped the pace of optimization and innovation, and has not forgotten its original intention to continue to polish product innovation. Among a variety of highly innovative tablet products, the Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad series products for the “new fashion” have also attracted attention from users. Recently launched Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad Pro 2021 Dark Night Aurora Edition and Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad Plus and other products, with high-resolution screen display delicate and full of personality, they have been well received since their launch. Among them, the Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad Pro 2021 Dark Night Aurora Edition also uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 flagship processor, and its 11.5-inch OLED screen has passed the Rheinland global eye protection certification. It can not only achieve a high refresh rate of up to 90Hz, but also freely switch to study and work. Multi-mode.

Figure: Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad Pro 2021 Dark Night Aurora Edition

Also as a new member of the Lenovo Xiaoxin series, the Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad Plus brings a new white body based on the Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad, and the processor is upgraded to a very capable Snapdragon 750G. For the audio-visual experience, the 11-inch 2K LCD screen that supports Dolby Vision has been brought, with outstanding performance and appearance, which has been loved by many users.

If a tablet product wants to be truly accepted by consumers, in addition to continuous innovation, it must also understand the needs of users and solve their difficulties. Since the formulation and implementation of the “Sunrise Oriental” strategy in 2017, Lenovo China has adhered to the direct customer model constructed by “customer-centric transformation”. By subdividing the “customer group” as a unit of business division model and the transformation of the entire link from product development, design, production to sales to direct customers, Lenovo has built the shortest channel for users in an all-round way.

Another driving force behind the explosion of Lenovo’s tablet products lies in the accumulation of Lenovo’s PC potential in China. As a PC giant with a history of nearly 40 years in China, Lenovo is well versed in the needs of users in the Chinese market, and has always maintained a leading and forward-looking insight into user needs. In addition, with strong R&D capabilities and excellent production and operation capabilities, Lenovo has a deep technological accumulation and industry chain accumulation in the PC market. This experience feeds Lenovo back to form a powerful potential energy, which is also for Lenovo Tablet’s transcendental products are vigorously escorted.

Nowadays, with the use of more segmented scenarios, the all-round improvement of screens, and the improvement of ecological applications and portability, and the improvement of operating system experience, Chinese consumers’ demand for tablets is still on the rise. As the biggest dark horse in the tablet market, Lenovo’s tablet PC continues to grow its operating income relying on strong product strength. According to Lenovo’s FY20/21 financial report, Lenovo’s commercial tablet PCs in China have achieved the No. 1 market share for two consecutive quarters; sales of consumer tablet PCs have also grown rapidly in the quarter. This year, 618 Lenovo’s tablet PC record showed a geometric explosive growth, exceeding expectations to complete the “small goal” of winning the championship.

As Lenovo Group Executive Vice President and President of China, Liu Jun said at the financial report and performance communication meeting: “The prospects are promising and there is a lot to be done.” In the future, under the continuous blessing of product innovation and the transformation of “customer-centric transformation”, Lenovo tablets will achieve more impressive results, and Lenovo China will also return consumers with more surprises.