Let the beauty hit it off, Honor 50 Pro video experience measured

The Honor 50 series has a pivotal position for the new Honor. It is the first Honor digital series released by the new Honor, and it is also the first product based on the Qualcomm platform launched by the Honor. Its world premiere of the Snapdragon 778G processor from Qualcomm, and a series of excellent tuning, effective performance.

In addition to excellent performance, the Honor 50 Pro is also equipped with a 100W single-cell dual-circuit fast charge, 1 billion color screen, excellent appearance, and excellent grip, but these are not the focus of our exploration this time. Honor officially defines the Honor 50 series as “the most beautiful work of Vlog images”. This time, let us experience how the Honor 50 series performs in terms of images.

This time the model we are using is Honor 50 Pro, and its rear camera arrangement is more unique than other mobile phones. The dual-lens arrangement of the Honor 50 Pro is inspired by dual-reflex cameras. Starting from Rollei’s classic dual-lens design language, the Honor 50 Pro has created a unique lens combination.

The Honor 50 Pro uses a four-camera combination with 100 million pixels as the core in the rear camera. In the double-circle design lens, the upper circle is a powerful rear main camera, and the lower circle is an ultra-wide-angle lens, a macro lens, and a depth-of-field lens. , Symmetrical distribution of flash.

The 100 million-pixel ultra-high-definition main camera used by the Honor 50 Pro has a 1/1.52 inch photosensitive area and an F1.9 aperture. It also has an equivalent focal length of 23mm and supports 9-in-1 pixel binning technology. Compared with the traditional 4 and 1 pixel binning technology, Honor 50 Pro’s 9-in-1 pixel binning technology can have a lower 2.1μm pixel density, capable of a default output of 11.43 million pixels, and 9-in-1 pixels from 100 million pixels. After merging, compared with other native 12 million pixels or the 12 million pixels achieved after 4 in 1 pixel merging, the mode output of Honor 50 Pro has higher precision, and the 100 million pixel mode can also be turned on to get more More screen information.

From the proofs, we can see that the Honor 50 Pro has a very natural restoration of the overall color of the picture, achieving a very good balance between the off-white tones of the building, the yellow-green tones of the plants, and the blue and white tones of the sky. Among the various color mixtures, the color of the sky did not appear unnaturally cold or blue, but was restored more naturally. The gray-white buildings did not have the problem of being suppressed due to the high brightness of the sky. The picture is closer to the real perception of the human eye, and the overall performance is better.

△Honor 50 Pro main camera shooting, default output

After turning on the high-resolution output of 100 million pixels, we can see that it maintains the imaging style of the default 9-in-1 pixel merge mode, the overall color is harmonious, and the picture performance is at an excellent level. And because it uses 100 million pixel mode for shooting, it can get more picture information. For example, after zooming in 100% of the picture, compared to the default mode, you can see more details, relief texture of distant buildings It can be clearly seen that the tiles on the roof can also be well recorded.

△Honor 50 Pro main camera shooting, 100 million pixel mode

△Honor 50 Pro main camera zoom in and comparison of different modes

△ Honor 50 Pro main camera 100 million pixel mode zoomed in 100%

In night shooting, the main camera of Honor 50 Pro also performed well. In the proofs, we can see that after using night mode for night shooting, even in the face of scenes with many complex colors, the Honor 50 Pro can be restored well and maintain a good white balance look and feel, and it will not appear. A series of problems, such as color cast, can restore the picture well in the night scene.

△Honor 50 Pro main camera night scene mode shooting

In addition to the main camera, the ultra-wide-angle lens and macro lens of the Honor 50 Pro also have good performance.

△Honor 50 Pro ultra-wide-angle lens shooting

△Honor 50 Pro macro lens shooting

In addition to the excellent rear camera module, the Honor 50 Pro is equipped with a 12-megapixel video lens + a 32-megapixel high-definition lens for the front lens. When shooting videos, the front 12-megapixel video lens brings users a golden wide-angle of 100 degrees and the best portrait focal length of 18mm.

The Honor 50 Pro provides a high-quality hardware configuration for the presentation of excellent images. However, as a “Vlog image of the most beautiful work”, the Honor 50 Pro has also carried out a series of adjustments in the software, and added a new level of video recording. The series of special functions allow users to use their mobile phones to shoot a variety of different image effects.

This time the Honor 50 Pro brings six distinctive video recording functions.

Fast slow motion resume recording: During the shooting process, users can select 2 or 4 times fast motion or 0.5 times slow motion with one button. The shooting will not be interrupted, and the audio will be synchronized with the speed. Through this function, users can show different rhythmic atmosphere in a video, without using other software, they can natively grasp the rhythm of the film.

Resume recording of single and double lenses: During the shooting process, users can switch between single-lens and double-lens recording at will. There is no need to interrupt recording when switching between single-lens or double-lens display scenes.

Resume recording of front and rear lenses: The user can switch between the front and rear main lenses during the shooting process, which is very practical when shooting different angles of view and needs to quickly show the snapshot, and will not cause the interruption of the recording.

Simultaneous recording of the front and rear lenses: the user can use the front and rear lenses to shoot at the same time, and the two images of the front and rear lenses will appear in the same video in the form of split screens. At scenes such as concerts, it can better show the atmosphere of the venue.

Rear dual-lens simultaneous recording: The user can use the rear main lens and wide-angle shooting at the same time to shoot videos with two viewing angles at a time. The main lens can support 6x digital zoom. This kind of picture is used to show the key overall situation while further showing the key content.

Front and rear dual mirror picture-in-picture simultaneous recording: Users can record the contents of the front and rear lenses at the same time, and present the front camera in the form of picture-in-picture. This function is used when shooting travel notes, or introducing food and beautiful scenery. It can focus on the content, which can allow the photographer to introduce in the screen and narrow the distance with the viewer.

In addition to these feature shooting functions that can cover many usage scenarios, the Honor 50 Pro also has a series of built-in video templates. Under the micro-movie function, the phone has multiple sets of built-in story templates, including allowing users to run through the front and rear dual cameras, The use of rear multi-lens, fast slow motion and other effects, use templates to complete the shooting of video content, and help novice users to shoot excellent blockbusters with one click.

to sum up:

Honor 50 Pro, as a “Vlog image of the most beautiful work”, not only achieved a very good performance in the design of the mobile phone, but also in terms of image experience, the Honor 50 Pro also achieved through excellent hardware configuration and excellent software tuning. In order to allow users to shoot a variety of effects of the excellent experience of the film.

At the moment when the image functions of mobile phones are becoming more and more homogeneous, the excellent experience brought by the new features of Honor 50 Pro can undoubtedly further meet the different needs of users in various scenarios, so that the user experience is further improved, allowing users to take photos at will The beauty hits it off.

In addition to the Honor 50 Pro, the Honor 50 and Honor 50 SE of the Honor 50 series also use a main camera of up to 100 million pixels in the core configuration. With other cameras, it can also bring a good image experience to users. In other respects, Honor 50 and Honor 50 SE also use excellent design and 66W single-core dual-circuit fast charging. In addition to the Honor 50 Pro, other products in the Honor 50 series are also good choices for consumers.