Lexus' new electric SUV with dual-motor system

Recently, Lexus announced more information about future electric systems. This motor system, called Direct 4, uses a front and rear dual motor layout. It is currently being tested on a prototype car and will be used in Lexus’ new electric crossover in the future.

Lexus said that the front and rear motors each have 201 horsepower and 300 Nm torque, but did not disclose how much power the entire power system can generate. The prototype car in the picture looks like a compact or mid-size crossover, which should be a new model in the future. Due to the cover of the camouflage stickers, we can’t see how the design of this new car is, but Lexus has issued a preview of the new car.

The new Direct 4 means that Toyota’s first electric vehicle platform will not use the Toyota standard, but the Lexus standard. The launch time of the new car has not yet been announced, but Toyota has confirmed that it will be sold in the European and North American markets.

The new Direct 4 system will also be used in future Lexus hybrid models, such as the Lexus ES prototype in the picture. Take this car as an example, with a 174-horsepower internal combustion engine, plus 107-horsepower electric motors at the front and rear.

At present, Lexus’ electric vehicles are only sold in certain regions, such as the UX300e, which is now sold in China and Europe. We hope to hear more about this new electric system in the future.