LG scroll screen exposure: may be the first mass-produced commercial scroll screen phone

On January 12, according to media reports, LG played a short promotional video after the CES2021 new product launch event. In the promotional video, LG showed off its new scroll-screen mobile phone, LG Rollable.

LG Rollable is different from the traditional folding screen mobile phone, its body size can be changed from a tablet to the size of a smart phone after shrinking.

The biggest advantage of the scroll screen is that it can achieve a larger screen without folding the structure while maintaining the existing mobile phone form. This form is completely different from common folding screen mobile phones.

The user can unfold the screen of this phone like a picture scroll

It is worth noting that it is reported that LG is expected to become the first manufacturer of mass-produced commercial scroll screens. This is LG’s new exploration of mobile phone screens. It is very difficult to realize the new screen form of “scroll screen”. Different from mainstream folding screen mobile phones.

This novel screen deployment method can bring more possibilities and provide another portable large-screen solution, which is worth looking forward to.