Lightweight and stylish Surface Laptop Go starts your efficient life

With the acceleration of the pace of life, the demand for mobile office has increased significantly in recent years. Therefore, for some young users, they no longer pursue the ultimate performance when buying a laptop, but have higher requirements for lightness. , Thin, compact and long battery life, has gradually become an important standard for young users to buy notebooks.

Surface Laptop Go is a lightweight laptop launched by Microsoft, with stylish design, superior performance and long-term battery life. For today’s young users, Surface Laptop Go is a good choice.

Lightweight and fashionable, more convenient to carry

Surface Laptop Go continues the simple design style of Microsoft’s Surface series. This simple design is also a major trend at present. In terms of color usage, Surface Laptop Go is closer to the preferences of young users, launching three colors of bright platinum, sandstone gold, and ice crystal blue.

Low-key and restrained bright platinum, fashionable and cool ice crystal blue, and light and luxurious texture sandstone gold, there is always a color that suits you.

Portability is a major advantage of the Surface Laptop Go. Its body thickness is only 15.69mm and its weight is only 1110 grams. Even for female users, this size and weight are completely no problem. You can even put it directly without a computer bag. In the usual handbag.

Surface Laptop Go can accompany us to any place, such as school students, can easily switch between classrooms, dormitories, and libraries with Surface Laptop Go. For office workers, with the Surface Laptop Go, they can also travel more autonomously in the morning rush subway.

The portable advantage of Surface Laptop Go can still be operated through the touchpad and touch screen. The combination of the two operation methods can greatly improve our efficiency. Even if we go out without a mouse, there is no problem at all, and it can still let us The operation is very efficient. Coupled with its long-lasting battery life, it can last up to 13 hours even without power supply.

To travel, you only need to bring a Surface Laptop Go.

Strong performance and efficient production tools

Although the size is small, but the Surface Laptop Go still has powerful performance.

Surface Laptop Go is equipped with the tenth-generation Core processor i5-1035G1, using a 10nm process. This processor has a four-core eight-thread specification, a main frequency of 1.0GHz, a turbo frequency of 3.6GHz, and a TDP of 15W. Taking into account performance while ensuring battery life, this CPU is more than enough for daily office work.

This Surface Laptop Go in my hand has 8GB of memory and 256GB of solid state drive. The sequential read speed of the hard drive is close to 2000MB/s, and the write speed is as high as 820M/s, which is at a high level.

Thanks to excellent hardware performance, Surface Laptop Go can bring a smoother experience. Open the lid in one second to wake up and enter the system without waiting. Even if it is turned on from the off state, the whole process only takes about 10 seconds. Surface Laptop Go has built-in genuine Windows 10 Home Edition and Microsoft Office office software, bringing a stable and efficient office experience.

Experience superior safety and more convenient

Surface Laptop Go uses a 12.4-inch 3:2 ratio screen, which can display more content vertically than 16:9, avoiding wasted area on both sides of the screen. Actual use will make us more efficient.

In order to meet the needs of users for online meetings or online classes, Surface Laptop Go is equipped with a 720P front high-definition camera, and can automatically adapt to indoor lighting conditions during video calls, thereby improving video quality. Surface Laptop Go is equipped with a matrix-type far-field dual microphone, which will record the sound more clearly.

For most thin and light notebooks, the keyboard feel is often sacrificed for a thin and light design. However, Surface Laptop Go has not compromised. Under the premise of adopting a full-size keyboard, it has also been optimized and upgraded in terms of key travel and response speed. The input feel of Surface Laptop Go is very good. For users who often type, it must be Go experience the keyboard feel of Surface Laptop Go.

Surface Laptop Go has USB-C, USB-A and 3.5mm headphone jacks. It has strong compatibility and avoids the cumbersome need to switch interfaces frequently. It is convenient and fast, which is also a favorite way for young users.

Surface Laptop Go also supports fingerprint recognition. After setting the fingerprint, you need to verify the user’s fingerprint to enter the system, which is more secure. Surface Laptop Go combines the fingerprint and the power-on button into one. The fingerprint verification and power-on work can be completed by pressing the button, and one-key login is realized, which is safe and fast.

to sum up

Surface Laptop Go is a good choice for student groups and young people entering and leaving the workplace. In addition to the thinness, high performance, and excellent experience described above, the price factor is also one of the advantages of Surface Laptop Go.

As a notebook product of Microsoft, the Surface Laptop Go is only priced at 4388 yuan (USD $627) . Such a price is not very difficult for students or young users. Moreover, compared with ordinary notebook brands, Microsoft’s Surface series not only guarantees the quality, And it also shows a unique personality.

If you are a college student or faculty member, you can also enjoy exclusive discounts, so the price will be more cost-effective.