Lightweight to "unbelievable", vivo S9 series warm up again

On February 22, vivo officially announced the new generation of the S series, the vivo S9 series. Not only released a number of new machine warm-up videos, but also invited Cai Xukun, Liu Haoran, and Lisa three-dimensional spokespersons to appear together, which shows that vivo attaches great importance to this new machine. And just this morning, vivo sent out another video of Cai Xukun playing bowling to continue to warm up the new machine.

The content of this video shows that the “9” bowling ball thrown by Cai Xukun passed on a narrow lane, knocking down all the pins at once. At the same time, the words “9 is so incredible” appeared at the end of the video, combined with vivo’s “light and thin in the grip, quick and easy” copy, it seems to imply that the body of the vivo S9 series is so thin and light as “incredibly”.

This can be clearly understood from the spokesperson video released by vivo yesterday. The body of the vivo S9 series is indeed very slim, and it is very easy to see the spokesperson holding it with one hand. In addition, the video of the start-up that the small V sent to Cai Xukun before also shows that the mobile phone drawn in the thin red envelope is the vivo S9.

In addition, the screen frame of the vivo S9 series seems to be equally “unbelievable.” It can be observed from Lisa’s warm-up video that the vivo S9 series has extremely narrow bezels, and the chin and the borders on both sides remain almost the same width, and the visual effect is very good. With such a thin body and a very narrow frame, the arrival of the vivo S9 series is even more exciting.

In addition to the thin body and narrow frame, the small tail of the vivo official blog “vivo S9 ultra-night soft light selfie” is also particularly conspicuous. According to official hints, the vivo S9 series will have high “light” in place and focus on “clear” at all times. It is expected to bring better soft light function, and the front-facing selfie lens pixels may be upgraded.

It is worth mentioning that the appearance of the vivo S9 series is also a highlight. It can be seen from the preheating posters of the conference that the vivo S9 series will bring a gradual color of the body. A bit similar to the “Monet Diffuse” color scheme of the vivo S7, the color value is very high, which is consistent with the color of the body shown in the previous video of Cai Xukun.

Based on the existing information, the new vivo S9 series will bring a lighter and thinner body, and at the same time, there will be a lot of upgrades in the aspect of selfies. In addition to the consistent high value, it is bound to cause a lot of Sensation. The vivo S9 series will debut at 19:30 on March 3rd, let us wait and see.