Like the natural wind, it is not bound by wires. Experience of Zhimi DC frequency conversion floor fan 2S

When the time comes to June, most areas including the north have entered the hot summer mode, and the mood seems to be as sultry as the weather, so in order to have a comfortable life, everyone takes turns in various cool ways, such as watermelon, ice cream and happy water, which can only be relieved for a while, not much to say. In the way of reducing the environmental temperature in a large range, air conditioning and Electric fans are the most common means of cooling.

Air conditioning is effective, but because of high power consumption, inconvenient to install, unable to move, poor air circulation and other reasons, electric fans are still a very worthy choice in most cases. Even many families will buy another electric fan when they have installed air conditioning, which is used as a circulating fan or in special location space and other environments.

What we are going to experience today is Zhimi’s newly launched DC frequency conversion floor fan 2S (hereinafter referred to as Zhimi floor fan 2S). Floor fan is also one of Zhimi’s star products. Many users have realized Zhimi’s brand through several natural wind fans before.

In terms of appearance design, Zhimi floor fan 2S has maintained a consistent simplicity. The round pure white base + linear cylindrical metal pole + fan body, which is basically the simplest geometric figure that you can imagine, can be combined into a floor fan. The simple shape makes the space occupied by its vision much less, which makes it have a good compatibility, which will not appear abrupt in most of the household styles.

Of course, when unpacking, the fan in the package actually looks like this. Zhimi disassembles it into several main parts, such as base, fan blade, fairing, vertical pole + motor, connecting piece, etc. the connection and fixation between different parts are very convenient, and a person can complete it as easily as assembling blocks.

The vertical pole is connected with the base through the bottom bulge, in which the copper double holes are responsible for power supply, and the larger hole position is the fixed position of the bottom screw. The Allen wrench used for assembly is provided in the package.

The fairing and fan blades are fixed in two layers, and the fixed parts can be screwed by hand directly. The assembly is not troublesome. The only thing to be noted is that after the fairing is installed, there is a fixed screw hole at the bottom. This small screw is also in the packaging bag, and its volume is small. Please do not throw it away when unpacking.

After assembly, it can be used normally. In fact, Zhimi DC frequency conversion floor fan 2 series includes two products. The appearance and main functions of the two products are the same. The difference is that floor fan 2 is the same as the ordinary floor fan in use, and can only be used by plug-in. The floor fan 2S has a built-in 33.6wh lithium-ion battery pack.

With the lightweight weight of 3.2kg, users can easily carry the fan to the place where they need to use it when necessary, without worrying about whether the fan will be inconvenient to connect the power when it is placed in a special position. According to the official data, the built-in battery pack can support the smart meter floor fan 2s to run continuously for 20 hours. We haven’t encountered the situation of power shortage when we use the battery in actual use, so the practicability is very strong.

Zhimi floor fan 2S adopts a 7-pinned blade design. More blades combined with the optimized camber of the blades can not only reduce the impact of the air on the skin, but also provide more air volume with lower power consumption, which is an important reason for its good endurance without plugging in the line.

Zhimi floor fan 2S is equipped with a DC frequency conversion brushless motor, which can meet more delicate fan speed regulation. With Zhimi’s algorithm program, random dynamic adjustment will be added while maintaining comfort, just like the real wind, which contains delicate changes. Compared with the constant wind speed of the ordinary fan, the user’s feeling will be closer to the comfort of the real natural wind.

The fan can be controlled at the same time by the entity button on the main body and the remote control. Before the remote control is used for the first time, it may be necessary to pair. Press two buttons at the same time. Press any button on the fan body within 15 seconds after hearing the “tick” prompt. The upper button of the remote control is responsible for turning on / off and gear adjustment. When the lower button is pressed for a short time when the fan is running, it is in the head swing mode of the switch. When it is pressed for a long time for 2 seconds, it is in the natural wind mode of the switch.

There is also a strip screen hidden on the metal vertical pole, on which there are real-time indicator lights of fan operation status. From top to bottom are Wi Fi status indicator lights, negative ion status indicator lights, air volume status indicator lights and natural wind status indicator lights.

Of course, the user can also manage the intelligent rice floor fan 2S online through the Miya app. After the pairing is successful, the front page of the device will directly display the current running state of the fan. The user can freely adjust the direct blowing / natural wind and different air volume gears. After connecting to the ecosystem of Xiaomi, you can also directly give voice instructions to the fan through Xiaoai classmates. Cool can also become dynamic The matter of the mouth.

On the Mijia app, you can also fine tune the Zhimi floor fan 2S in more details. For example, when the wind speed is in four fixed gears, the user can also conduct 100 manual stepless speed changes, and the fan swing angle can also be set in different ranges such as 30 ° / 60 ° / 90 ° / 120 °. When the child lock is opened, the fan can only be controlled by the app, so as to avoid the wrong touch of children at home.

In practice, the experience of Zhimi DC frequency conversion floor fan 2S is quite satisfactory. The touch of natural wind on the skin is softer, and the noise in daily operation is very small. The lowest gear is only 28.6dba, which can even be used in sleep, and it can be moved to various positions and angles without being bound by wires. If you also need a floor fan, then I believe it will be full Meet all your needs.