Limited Edition Aviation Theme Kit: Lexus LC Aviation Edition released

Recently, Lexus Japan officially released a special edition model-LC Limited Edition AVIATION. The new car will be officially launched on January 6, 2021, with a limited edition of 70 units.

The special edition “AVIATION” is inspired by the graceful flight attitudes of birds and airplanes, so the new car focuses on aerodynamic performance upgrades and aims to provide a more flexible driving experience.

The special edition models are developed based on the LC 500h and LC 500 models. The CFRP (carbon fiber) fixed tail wing design draws on aircraft aerodynamics technology.

The unique shape can manage the air flow through the side of the vehicle body, and the tail end can generate a vertical vortex passing along the rear side of the vehicle body, thereby suppressing wind resistance and vehicle body shaking caused by airflow.

As a result, regardless of the speed range, the vehicle has excellent handling and driving stability.

The special edition models use exclusive dual-spoke 5-spoke R21 aluminum wheels. In terms of appearance, the front grille and front and rear headlights are painted in black, giving a sharp impression. The new car offers three paint colors, black, supersonic silver and white.

The main color of AVIATION Black is used inside the car, with saddle brown to present a sporty style. The steering wheel, inner door armrests, shift lever and instrument panel are covered with Alcantara material.

In terms of pricing, the LC 500h includes tax at 15460,000 yen (approximately RMB 992,900), and the LC 500 includes tax at 15 million yen (approximately RMB 963,300). In terms of power, hybrid models use a hybrid system composed of 8GR-FXS 3.5L V6 engines with electric motors, and fuel models use 2UR-GSE 5.0L V8 engines with FR front-rear drive layout.