LISA endorsement! vivo S9 announced: debut on March 3

Early this morning, vivo announced that it will release the new S series vivo S9 on March 3, endorsed by well-known singer LISA.

In the trailer, the vivo S9 revealed a key point-“illuminate my beauty”, it can be seen that the vivo S9 focuses on selfies.

Previously, Cai Xukun had exposed the vivo S9 real machine, which inherited the aesthetic genes of the S series, and has upgraded its appearance, color and ultra-thin body.

It can be seen from the exposure information that the vivo S9 has beautiful colors and flowing light and shadow. In addition to the color scheme, some netizens also paid attention to the slim body of the vivo S9.

Cai Xukun pulled out the vivo S9 from the start-up red envelope, which shows that this phone should be ultra-thin. Combined with Cai Xukun’s “seems to be getting thinner and thinner” revealed in the video, it is not difficult to guess that the vivo S9 exposed this time should be thinner and lighter than the previous S7.

In terms of the core configuration, there are reports that the vivo S9 will be the world’s first Dimensity 6nm processor. This is the first mobile phone of the vivo S series to use a 6nm chip, and its performance is worth looking forward to.