Lisa’s endorsement of vivo S7

&On the evening of August 3, vivo S7 arrived with her new friend, Barbie Lisa. Lisa through the lens for the fans to unlock the beautiful and sassy posture, for a while attracted “onlookers” all over the world. Within one hour of Lisa’s appearance at the vivo S7 new product conference, the overseas popularity has been increasing. Its videos have been widely forwarded by fans on social media such as twitter and ins. Topics related to Lisa vivo S7 have been hot in 10 countries, especially in Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and other places, and even ranked No.1 in the world in 5 minutes.

The same scene also appears in domestic social media. From Sina Weibo alone, the topic of “Lisa self portrait posture” has reached 140 million readers and 31000 discussions.

Lisa demonstrates the self timer function of mobile phone deeply in the video. Whether it is ultra close or long-distance self shooting, it can obtain super clear picture quality. Such excellent self shooting experience cannot do without the hardware upgrade and software algorithm adjustment of vivo S7. Combined with the hardware foundation of 44 million pixel AF dual camera and F / 2.0 large aperture, the five super texture beauty and the brand-new front and rear double exposure are continuously leading and continuously optimized. On the one hand, the beauty breaks through the limitation of time and space, on the other hand, the playing methods are more diversified, and the texture is constantly improved.

As a young product series, such a large user base has been accumulated in such a short period of time. In addition to the image of S series being young and fashionable, it is also inseparable from s series’ intensive work on the mobile phone market. It is not difficult to see its meticulous insight into young groups from the selection of spokesmen of S Series in the past, which also confirms the strong control and pursuit of fashion of S series. The benefits of such cooperation are self-evident. Stars can expand their fan base by endorsing products; s series will establish communication with more young consumers by virtue of their strong fan appeal, bringing win-win results.

This cooperation with Lisa also reflects the vision of vivo s series to actively establish communication with young people and make common progress. From one dimension, the attractive Lisa and the brand tonality of vivo s series match immediately. From another dimension, Lisa’s global influence is conducive to vivo’s rapid dissemination of brand image and promotion of market competitiveness. Vivo S7 and Lisa collide to create more sparks, unlock more possibilities of super-s, and lead the new trend of selfie in 5g era, and the sales of new machines are bound to increase.

The new generation of young consumer groups pursue the trend, like fresh and interesting. For the mobile phone that accompanies around, it is also required to match with its own fashion temperament. Since its birth, vivo s series has been committed to creating scientific and technological products in line with the fashion temperament for young trendsetters.

This time, vivo S7 challenges the design limit. Through the optimization of internal fuselage structure and exquisite stacking, while ensuring the overall configuration of the flagship, the weight of the fuselage is controlled at 170g, and the thinnest thickness is compressed to 7.39mm, breaking the record of vivo’s thinnest 5g mobile phone.

In addition, the vivo S7 back adopts the industry-leading Ag frosting process, which brings delicate and soft tactile feeling to the back of the mobile phone, and presents a high-level vision with hazy light sense. The vivo S7 fuselage is as warm as jade, which makes the visual and tactile soft and beautiful. The addition of Monet’s color, jazz black and moonlight white makes vivo s Color Aesthetics complete another transformation and lead the aesthetic trend of young people.

As a heavyweight product in 2020, vivo S7 will express self attitude with young people and enjoy the ultimate life together. Vivo will also use more critical and ultimate pursuit to create s series, strive to create more young people surprise, heart and follow the science and technology fashion products. If you want to keep up with the trend and get a favorite 5g mobile phone, you may as well have a look at vivo S7, which will give you a surprise!