List of breaking information: Reno Ace2's high-performance flagship positioning is basically determined

Although Reno Ace2 has not been released yet, from the perspective of multiple sources, its high-performance properties have begun to take shape. The previous generation Reno Ace has gained consumer recognition for its powerful configuration and excellent user experience. The success of Reno Ace has also raised public expectations for Ace2. Judging from the current information, it is very likely that Reno Ace2 will continue the performance flagship positioning of the previous generation. With strong performance as the core of Reno Ace2, the comprehensive configuration is also worthy of attention.

OPPO Shen Yiren has confirmed that Reno Ace2 will be released in April, and also revealed that the new machine will be lighter and can bring a better grip. Although it was just exposed yesterday that OPPO will commercialize 40W wireless charging technology this year, it is speculated that Reno Ace2 will most likely not be equipped with wireless charging.

According to previous reports, the body weight of the Reno Ace2 may be around 190g. The addition of wireless charging will occupy more internal space of the body and increase weight. In order to take into account lightness and battery life, there should be technical choices, so don't expect too much that the Reno Ace2 will be equipped with wireless charging.

Although it is likely that wireless charging is not supported, Reno Ace2 should use the fastest commercial 65W wired super flash charger currently available and still provide an excellent charging experience.

In terms of screens, high refresh rates are the trend this year. The previous generation Reno Ace was equipped with a 90Hz high refresh rate screen. Considering the battery life and the 90Hz content ecology, Reno Ace2 is likely to continue to use the 90Hz refresh rate screen. There are still some flagship phones that are not equipped with a high refresh rate screen, which will also be one of the advantages of Reno Ace2.

Reno Ace2 real machine picture previously exposed ↑

Externally, according to the exposure information, Reno Ace2 will use Oreo design, this design will become more mainstream this year. Or equipped with a rear four-camera combination, the main camera may be the Sony IMX586 sensor, this well-recognized sensor can bring good imaging results.

It can be speculated from the positioning that Reno Ace2 may use the mainstream Snapdragon 865 flagship processor and support dual-mode 5G. The strong performance can easily meet the needs of mainstream large-scale games, and even high-frame-rate games can get good performance support. .

From the configuration that has been exposed so far, Reno Ace2 will be a thin and light high-performance flagship. Super flash charging, 90Hz refresh rate screen, etc. will become additional points. In addition, there may be advantages in terms of price. Worth looking forward to.